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This is our guide to one of the Ark PvE cluster mods – Dino Storage V2.
Grab a bowl of popcorn, can of coke (coffee or tea works too!) and sit tight. Here we go!

First things first, you will need to unlock the following engrams – Soul Traps, Soul Terminal, Soul Gun and Soul Finder. All engrams you need are available at level 1.

To craft Soul Traps, you will need to farm some crystal. You get two Soul Traps for 1 Crystal.
Soul Terminal and Soul Gun will cost a bit more. You will need some metal, oil, polymer and cementing paste for these. Don’t worry. It is only 10 Cementing Paste, 50 Metal Ingots, 7 Oil and 9 polymer for Terminal and 25 Cementing Paste, 20 Metal Ingot and 30 Polymer for Soul Gun.

Don’t forget to craft Soul Finder! Trust me, you will need it and it will cost you only 1 Thatch…
All of this is craftable on your character. Now that you have crafted everything, what’s next?
Simple! Get some taming done!


Soul Traps can be used the same way as cryopods, but they are a lot quicker on trapping the dino and have no cryo sickness if you throw a few dinos in a row.

Soul Traps also indicate whether you have a female dino in your hands or male dino. Pink colour will indicate female dino and blue – male dino. It will also show it at the top of your screen. Unlike with the cryopods, Soul Traps will switch to the next dino in your inventory when throwing them out. Helps if you need several dinos to be thrown out


Your next best friend is a Soul Gun.
It allows you to Soul Ball the dinos even from a distance, so if you run into trouble or your dino needs saving, this is the fastest way. Don’t forget to have a Soul Trap on you. Very handy to get out of tricky situations especially if you have got a bed and gravestone on the map – soul ball the dino and let the wild ones kill you. Spawn in your base and recover your inventory.

It is a pain to get the dino inventory after you have trapped it, right? Well, Soul Gun can pick the Item Catches too! Although it is not a dino you are trying to pick up, you will still need at least one Soul Trap in your inventory to do this.


Let’s get to Soul Finder next. It looks just like the Transfer Tool, but is your best friend on finding the dinos, especially if you can’t remember which storage box you put the trapped dino in…
Once you have equipped it, left click, it will bring the menu with search criteria. The range of it is a 50 foundations wide radius. Don’t worry about typing anything there really. Click that Search button. (Yes, I know! I have too many dinos! Avoid these numbers, otherwise you will go insane.. Like me… 😉 )

In the search bar you can search either by the dino type or if you have named your favourite dino, just look for it by name. Don’t worry, I will not judge you if you have misplaced your favourite dino! I do that a lot too… Once you have found what you need, simply click on the name and it will be added into your inventory. It will show up on the left hand side just above the chat once it’s been added.

This was the easiest part of the Dino Storage V2 mod, let’s move onto the Soul Terminals and everything that comes with them.


First of all, it has three different looks. Whichever you like more.

Basic – the one you see when you place the terminal down is with several monitors and has a sort of tek type of look.

Second one, according to the mod, is a Modern. It looks like the book stand. No idea why it is called Modern…

Third look – Primitive – I would avoid it personally. It looks like a metal vault.

Moving forward, you can have some nice little text on top of them to help you label the terminals. Hold E (by default), press Options and go to Dynamic Text. It has three colour bars to help you adjust the text colour to your liking.

Now that we know how to label them, what can these terminals do I hear you ask?

They do A LOT. From fertilized egg collection to incubation to newborn dino trapping to dino passive generation!

To see what the terminal can do, hold E (by default), go to Options and Automation. It will bring up the Automation Settings menu.

Terminal can work as a hatchery. You will need to tick the first two options here. It will collect the fertilized eggs and incubate them to 1/100. Once the eggs are to 1/100, drop them out of the terminal to complete the last incubation. Don’t forget the air conditioner for that one!

With the soul Terminal you can forget about running around after the hatched dino babies and claiming them or worrying they will die because you have forgotten to disable dino mating…
Place a new Soul Terminal down (at least I prefer to have a separate one for the babies) and put Soul Traps in. Make sure you always have enough traps in or the terminal will not pick them up. Now hold E(by default), go to Options and Newborn Auto Trap. Now tick the Enable. You should now see some text appear on the terminal letting you know that the setting is enabled and that it requires the soul traps. Handy as you can easily see which terminals you need to look at for the babies. Each terminal has a 15 foundation wide range.

While we are on the Newborn Auto Trap menu..
Remember going up to each dino and enabling mating? Now you can do it with a few clicks from the Soul Terminal. You can also disable it as easy. Make sure you do not have other dinos around that you do not want on mating.

Back to the Automation Settings.

Next good thing about the Soul Terminal is that you can have dinos in it to generate eggs for those kibbles! What you will need to do is to tick Unfertilized Egg Generation, add a few females and one male in the Soul Terminal and the egg production will start!

Remember running up to small dinos and collecting oil, paste and everything else they generate passively? Forget about it! Tick the Passive Generation and place those dinos in the terminal.

For Achatinas to produce paste, that is all you need to enable.

Dung Beetles will need Passive Generation enabled and Beetles Convert Poop. Don’t forget a few dinos for that poop production and enabled Poop Generation. When on the Automation Settings Menu, set how much fertilizer should terminals be sending to your crop plots.

Any dino with passive generation will work.

Place some Snow Owls and they will produce the pellets. When on the Automation Settings Menu, set how many pellets should terminals be sending to Gachas.

Terminals will also work with Sheep, Iguanodons and Queen Bees producing wool, honey and more!

Did I miss anything? Oh yes! For those out there breeding dinos – when you hover over a dino in a Soul Trap, you can see the points on each stat. Much better than cryopods, right? Don’t need to throw them out to see those points. You may ask why the points are what we look at when breeding powerful dinos, the answer you can find in one of our other guides.

One more thing… No more throwing out each dino and killing manually and then harvesting them. Place an empty terminal somewhere in a darker corner, if you don’t want to be killing all those dinos with useless stats manually, put them in that dark corner terminal and press Destroy All Souls In Terminal. Easy!

Additionally, here is a little cover of what this mod brings to server admins.

First of all Soul Gun, when enabled in admin mode, can pick up any tamed dino. This is very handy for when an admin needs to go save your dino. Especially if they are under the mesh for any reason. We all know how ghosting under the world can corrupt the player’s character… So this feature makes it a lot easier and less dangerous.

Second, admins are able to recover lost dinos through the Soul Terminals. This only works if your dino was in a soul ball. You know how Ark can be and you die with your body going under the mesh or you know… disappearing completely? Yes, this is where admins can help you!

Make sure though you remember the names and levels of your dinos, otherwise admin may spend a good day going through 1800 dinos that search may bring up! Best advice.. Screenshot your inventory before traveling between maps.

There are a few more tiny bits you can add to the list, like being able to change the inventory type for the soul Terminals, that allows you to travel between the maps just like obelisks and tek transmitters.

I will skip the rest, so admins can look a bit more like superheroes for our players when going to the rescue! 😉

Otherwise… Well… The END!