What were our thoughts behind our servers? This is pretty simple, our servers are fast paced 5x! The main reason for this is they are aimed at players who have short spurts of play time.   This may be parents, players that have a busy working life and everyone else in between. With our custom loot system and high rates most players can be raiding within the first hour of the wipe.

Now with the influx in players and support we have been receiving, we thought that it would be a good idea to create a guide for our player base on how to use the custom plugins on our server.  in this guide we will be explaining each plugin we use and how they work.

Server Info – /info
The first thing you will notice when you log onto our Rust servers is a window that pops up.  This window is filled with information to help you with ingame commands you may forget after reading this guide.  If you close this window and would like to open it again you can do this by typing /info in chat.

Server Vote & Claiming your rewards.
One of things we implemented into our servers was vote rewards, this allows players to vote for all 3 of our servers at the same time and claim the rewards on the server they are actively playing on. We advertise our rust servers on two websites mainly rust-servers.net & trackyservers.com, with this in mind voting for all 3 servers on both websites earns you 6 airdrops.

Spawn a heli, boat or horse ingame – /spawn
With this command it allows you to spawn any of the vehicles mentioned above, this command uses shop coins to purchase a license, so be sure to have some spare $ at the start of each wipe 😉

Ingame Shop – /shop
As with all of the servers we host at Merric Gaming Community, we have worked hard to create a bespoke ingame shop for our players to use.  Although this shop is not fully complete yet and we are still balancing it. All the items are in there for you the end user to purchase! You can access the shop by typing /shop in chat.

Kits – /kit
Please bear in mind that because our custom loot is already OP and we are running a 5x server our kits are very much for quality of life. In the kit screen you will see a flashlight, and a basic food kit. In this GUI you will also find a Discord kit, this is there to encourage our players to join our Discord server so we can provide them with relevant information about wipes & upcoming server changes ( Please see Discord Auth ).  There is also a kit for our supporters whose help contributes towards the running cost of the servers. You can find this information in /info Supporter Perks.

Trade – /trade PlayerName

We introduced the trade system originally for our Rust Solo Server, this was put into place to allow players to trade with each other without the concern of getting “ganked”. . When using the /trade command in chat this will pop up a new GUI into which you drag the item.  It is very simple and once you have used it once you should not have any issues using it again.

Discord Auth – /auth

If you are new to our server you can use the /auth command to synchronize your Rust account account with our Discord channel!  Once you have typed /auth into chat this will give you a 6 digit code with which you direct message either the Rust Solo Bot or Rust Trio Bot.  This is case sensitive so be sure to type it exactly as it is in game.

Bgrade – /bgrade 1/2/3/4
Bearing in mind that the main objective for our servers is to make them fast paced but still give the players something to do.  Bgrade is a great time saver for our community. When building you can type /bgrade 1/2/3/4 into chat this will allow you to build and automatically upgrade whilst you are building.

  • /bgrade 1 — Enable automatic Wood upgrades
  • /bgrade 2 — Enable automatic Stone upgrades
  • /bgrade 3 — Enable automatic Metal upgrades
  • /bgrade 4 — Enable automatic Armoured upgrades

Once you have completed all 6 votes go back to game and type /claim you will then receive your in-game rewards. Remember you can do this every 24 hours.

Remove – /remove
This is another command that is very useful and a great time saver for our community members.   The /remove command allows you to remove any structure or item in game, whilst refunding the items back to you.  This could be in the way of resources or the item itself.

Automatic Doors – /ad
One of the most common questions we receive is “how do I disable my automatic doors?” or increase the time.  We have toyed around with the idea of removing this mod, but the mod is like Marmite 50% of the players love it – the other 50% hate it.  If you would like to stop your doors from automatically closing you can do this by typing /ad in chat. Alternatively you can use /ad time and this will increase or decrease the time it takes for your door to automatically close once you have opened them.

Fast Travel / Teleportation – Set Home – /sethome HomeName
This command allows our Rust community members to easily set a home location and teleport back to it.  None supporters/donators currently have the option of setting 2 homes, whereas donators and supporters have the ability to set 4.  When naming your homes it is important to name them something you will remember for example most players will have /sethome 1 and /sethome 2, for you this may be something different, just be sure to remember the home names.

Teleporting back to you home locations – /home HomeName
This command is a follow on from the /sethome command, now that you have set your home location/s you can teleport to them from anywhere on the map by using /home HomeName

Teleport to Outpost & Bandit camp. – /otp & /btp
This is once again another mod our community find useful because of the  ease of use. You can use teleport to outpost by typing /otp in chat or to bandit camp using /btp

Cancel Teleport – /ttc
This command does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows players to cancel their currently pending teleport.

Privately message a player. – /pm PlayerName
Some players like to discuss things in private with either an admin or the specifics of a trade without the rest of the players seeing the details.  With this in mind, on our servers you can type /pm PlayerName, this will tell the player you wish to speak with them and ensure the contents of your conversation are super secret.

Automatic Sorter – /sorthelp
Another quality of life plugin we added to the servers was an automatic chest sorter, this plugin allows you, as a player to set up chests and automatically define which items you would like to go in them.  Using /sorthelp while typing in ingame chat will supply you with the required  information on how to use this system.

Rust Trio Specific
The final part of our guide is specifically aimed at our Rust Trio Server, this section will explain how we have setup clans on the servers to automatically give your clan mates access to your Chests, TCs, Turrets & Doors.  Inviting friends on our Trio Server does not do the same thing so please be sure to add them to your clan.

Where to start with Rust Clans – /clanhelp

Typing /clanhelp in chat will give you a list of commands that you may forget after reading this guide.  So, if you remember nothing else, please remember this command! Alternatively these commands are also in /info

Creating a clan in rust –  /clan create <tag>
You will be getting bored by now and just reading the headings i’m sure, but here goes again. While typing in ingame chat use the command /clan create Clan <Name> (without the <>)  will create your own clan.

Inviting a player into your clan – /clan invite PlayerName
Once you are past the first hurdle of creating a clan the next is inviting the rest of your team, as per the rest of this guide while typing in chat (**Yawn** I bet your bored now of seeing “in chat”) please type /clan invite PlayerName.

Accepting a clan invite – /clan join <tag>
If you are a player that has been asked to join a clan you can accept the invite with the /clan join <tag> command (See I finally managed to type a sentence without “in chat” woop woop)

There are more clan commands you can investigate but with respect for my sanity, I’m not going to add any more as you can find the rest by typing /clanhelp.

Finally, we are getting to the end of this guide wooo hooo!  So, I hear you ask, “what super duper amazing thing can I do now?”.

Automatic Autorisation – /autoauth h
I am really getting bored of typing, so let’s explain this plugin as fast as possible.  This allows clan’s to share auth to everything they own. The help commands will give you more information or alternatively for a pretty view you can use /info to view all the commands in game..


  • /autoauth ac – Enable/Disable automatic authorization for your clan members.
  • /autoauth ac cl – Shares code lock with your clan members.
  • /autoauth ac kl – Shares key lock with your clan members.

So this is the end of the guide to our Rust Servers.  Lets hope you have not fallen asleep by now or died of old age while reading it.  If you have any questions please come and speak to us on Discord, also for some super secret private chat, you can always type -ticket in any Discord channel and this will create a private room just for us!  In the words of the great man himself – Mr Austin Powers, “Yeah, Baby, Yeah!!”

Peace, I’m outta here!

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