There are always players looking for ways to build the “best base” to protect themselves, their team and especially their loot. You can find a lot of base designs on YouTube claiming they are unraidable. Sorry to say there is no such thing as an unraidable base, but, at the very least you can make it extra difficult for the raiders.

Before Building

When Players decide what type of base to build, they also have to consider how much time they’re dedicating to this in the game. Building big bases will cost you a lot in daily upkeep. You don’t want to use up valuable playtime gathering resources to maintain your base.


This is not a guide for me to tell players how to build the “perfect” base. What I can do is provide helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

It doesn’t matter how many doors you have in your base between the entrance and your loot. If you have 15 doors that you have to get through, but only 1 wall protecting your loot from the outside, you have done something wrong.

Raiders usually don’t go through doors; they look at your bases’ layout and find out the shortest way to the core of your base (either from the side or the top of your base).

This is what we are going to go over in this guide.


  • Location
  • Tools
  • Design
  • Defense




You can build your base practically anywhere on the map (Caves, Icebergs, Oceans, Lakes, Deserts, Forests, Mountains and in Snow). Any of these areas will have pros and cons so scope out the area to make an informed decision beforehand. I recommend building a base where you can best defend it from attackers. 

! DO NOT build close to where you spawn in to join the server OR after a Wipe.

Teleport to Outpost (/otp) or Bandit camp (/btp) first. Look at the map and then decide


Merric hosts modded Rust servers which provides players with some fantastic tools/commands along with higher rates to gather more resources for base building.

you have: /bgrade 1-4 and /remove. (Input these commands in the game chat window to use them)

Merric have also added Test Generators, a great item/component to use when setting up turrets, a SAMsite and other electrical equipment. you can find this item at either a launchsite, cargo ship, or at oil rigs.

/bgrade 1-4 allows you to build and upgrade your base at the same time.





NOTE: you will need the wood and the resources in your inventory to auto upgrade when building.

/remove. With this command you can remove anything that you have built, but you will need resources in your inventory to remove. (if you remove metal walls, you need metal frags).


Build your base with Triangles as long as it’s possible.

Make sure you have more than 1 entrance to your base in case one gets doorcamped and raid blocked so you cant tp (teleport) out.

Your base will need a shooting floor(this is the floor in your base where you have windows so you can defend from inside your base.) You can also use it to shoot down the Attack Heli, great loot from 4 military boxes.

Putting  walls around your base (compound) will add further defense. you can make them with high external stone walls or even better with metal walls and connect it to your base (then only 1 TC is needed). If using metal walls around your base, remember it can be expensive for your upkeep! Having a compound also prevents you from getting doorcamped.

I recommend bases to be built out of (or upgraded to) metal, hqm and use garage/armoured doors for the entry and exit points and here’s why.

Let’s say you build a 2×2 single floor stone base…it would only cost 4 rockets to remove your entire roof and you lose everything. Build big bases if you have the time for it, size does matter in Rust. Small stone bases are normally the first ones to be raided. Always consider “how would I raid my own base?” Always be aware of how many walls/floors there is between the loot and outside!


Base defense is so important to set up properly to prevent rival players from succeeding in raiding your belongings. Use turrets with any kind of guns mounted to them (I recommend using AK, LR300 or Mp5), SAMsite, shotguntrap and flameturrets.

Make sure to place turrets and SAMsites on your roof to prevent attackers from landing on your roof. This will help stop them from breaking in from the top of your base. 

Have some turrets to cover your entrance(s) and also around the inside of your compound. This slows down the attackers and, if you’re online, will give you time to fight them off while they attempt to raid you.

Here is how to set up turrets/SAMsite: 


This is what you’ll need to set up 9 turrets :

  • 1x Testgenerator  (or solar panels, wind mills, small generators)
  • 1x switch (allows you to turn them on and off) 
  • 4x splitters 
  • 9x turrets 
  • 1x wiretool. 

Each turret needs a gun and ammo.

Use the wire tool to connect the testgenerator to the switch, then connect the switch to 1 splitter. A splitter has 3 outputs, so from the first splitter u connect the 3 others splitters, then you can connect 3 turrets on each splitter.


This is what you’ll need to set up 3 SAMsites

  • 1x Testgenerator (solar panel, wind mills, small generator)
  • 1x switch 
  • 1x splitter 
  • 3x SAMsites
  • 1x wiretool.

Use the wire tool to connect the Testgenerator to switch, then connect switch to the splitter and then connect the SAMsites to the splitter. You can buy SAMsites and the ammo at an outpost (buy 6 and research one). It is cheaper to make your own than to buy SAMsite ammo from an outpost.  1 pipe and a little gunpowder gives you 6 SAMsite ammo.

When you get your base built up with defenses, you’ll have so many options to hide your loot and TC anywhere within your base.

Just remember, 80-90% of all Rust players have their loot and TC at ground floor 

Be different- think different, make it harder for the raiders to get Your loot and TC.


I hope you find this guide helpful on how to build your next base and I wish you all the best in Rust!

Author: TK EvilDeath