Upon waking up on a once forgotten beach, players spawn in with the basic tools and equipment to ensure a good start. Upon joining a heavily modded server like Merric’s 5x solo server, there may be some confusion on how the commands work. The basics are as follows:

Home & Building

/home add “name”.  Any player can use this command, this sets a teleport for a player. This can only be used on a building block that the player has placed. I.e. you can’t set a teleport inside someone else’s base unless you placed a specific block. Non supporters of the server can set up to 2 home teleports. Supporters can use up to 4 home teleports. You do not need building privilege to teleport, you just need to have placed the foundation that you wish to teleport onto.

/home remove “name”.  Like the /home add teleport, anyone can use this. This simply removes the home teleport that the player has placed.

/bgrade 1/2/3/4.  All players can use this command. This automatically upgrades the placed building block to a specific level. 1 is for wood, 2 for stone, 3 for sheet metal and 4 for HQM.

Transport & Teleportation

/buy mini/row/rhib/transport

/spawn mini/row/rhib/transport

/recall mini/row/rhib/transport

Using /recall will remove your vehicle from the map. To spawn it in again, use /spawn

/otp or /btp.  All players can use these. /otp will teleport the player to outpost in 30 seconds. /btp will teleport the player to bandit camp in 30 seconds. If the player receives damage from either the cold/radiation/NPC’s or by players or by bleeding, the teleport will be cancelled, and you will have to use the command again.

/ttc.  This cancels the teleport to bandit camp or outpost.

Social & Trade

/trade “name”.  All players can use this. This will send a message to the specified player asking if they wish to accept. Not accepting withing 10 seconds will automatically cancel the trade. Moving whilst inside a trade will cancel it also.

/trade accept/cancel.  This will either accept or cancel the trade and will pop up an inventory for you to place items into. Any and all items can be traded.

/pm “name” “msg”.  This will privately message the player.

/r Replies to the person who sent you the last private message.

Other Commands

/s Money is earnt by destroying barrels, killing NPC’s or characters. Using /s will open a guided interface where you can buy specific items that cannot be bought in the outpost or bandit camp.

/commands.  This will remind you of all the commands in game.

/turret.  Only supporters have access to this command. This will make any turret or Sam site placed by the player work without having to use electricity. The player must be facing the turret or Sam site they wish to turn it on.