It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Take what? Why a giant over-bred rex of epic proportions to bring ruin upon thy enemies!

Hello and welcome back to yet another guide for the Merric Gaming Community! Specifically, a guide pertaining to that cause of many a breakdown and rage quit. Ark Survival Evolved!

This guide relates to our Ark PVE cluster due to some of the mods involved. This method will however work on our Ark PVP cluster as well but will require a little more effort and time due to our Ark modded clusters running different mods for the different content.
If any items in this guide present a problem or for any extra advice don’t forget about our dedicated Ark Survival Evolved Forum! As well as the Ark channels in our discord!!

Well that’s enough pandering to the mighty google bot lets get down to business!
So, what are we discussing today I here you scream?! Get on with it Ace we got stuff to do!

Welcome to my fantabulous guide to breeding super dinos!

Now as much as this may turn into a wall of text bear with me. Once you have the basics down and the initial setup complete breeding is very easy!
First thing I would like to discuss is the mods on our PVE cluster that have been implemented to make this process simpler and less tedious for you!


  • Super Spyglass
  • S+ Tek Transmitter
  • S+ Hatchery
  • S+ Air Conditioner
  • S+ Nanny
  • S+ Mutator
  • S+ Cloning Chamber

These are what I class as the essential items for efficient breeding (the cloning chamber is more laziness)
If you haven’t seen it already you can jump over to our mod write up page for a more detailed description of the items.

The initial tame!

So, what are we looking for from our initial tame? STATS! STATS! STATS!
Level is a secondary concern. You are better off with a slightly lower level tame with a higher specific stat than just looking at pure levels. For the rest of this guide I will use rexes as my example but its true for all tames. The only thing that changes will be the specific stat you are looking for.
what are we looking for in our wild rexes?
Here’s where our old friend dododex comes in again dododex
Inputting the stats into this calculator will tell you whether you have yourself a lean mean killing machine or something more inclined to go for a swim
In the case of rexes the key stats we are looking for is nom nom power and anti-death otherwise known as melee and HP. The higher the better. If you are looking at max level 240 rexes 40 points is about average and 50 is high. There is a large RNG element to the post tame levels as the points are distributed randomly amongst all its stats but if you end up with anything around 70 in HP / Melee then you’re onto a winner
This stage doesn’t actually matter all that much. You can achieve the exact same results whether you start with a 359 rex with 70 melee or a level 8 with 2. The only difference it makes is the time investment needed to get up to the super levels.
The absolute maximum you can have in any one stat from breeding is 255 points. Starting at 70 just gives you a head start.
So off you go and find yourself 2 rexes. One with high HP and the other with high melee. Preferably you want a male and a female but if you can’t find one just use the mutator to give your new shiny rex a crash course in gender studies.
Its fine, I’ll wait….. got them yet? You really should have come prepared. Ok just pause this and come back when you got them, I shall continue

The breeding begins!

I wanted to say the humping but I thought it was a bit low brow
Any who, take your new high melee and high HP mummy and daddy. Put them into a dark corner and let them do the nasty
What we are looking for here is a set of twins that have both the high hp and the high melee stat. The reason for the twins is due to the way ark pulls stats from parents. Essentially, they have a % chance to pull the highest stats from both parents. If you start with identical twins this removes one equation from the whole breeding process as it has no choice but to pull all the exact same stats. This will help you further down the line as the mutations start stacking higher.
This is also where the cloning chamber comes in handy. RNGesus hates me and I struggle to get twins with the right stats so I tend to get one rex with the correct stats then clone it and change the gender to save time
The breeding continues….

Ok so you now have a male and female rex with identical stats. What we need to do now is breed an army of females. At this point we are ignoring all mutations all we want is clean 0/0 mutation females for our pit of love and tenderness. As a rule, I will have a minimum of 30 females per male. This gives you a good chance of always getting the mutation you want on every breed so we aren’t wasting time. More females increase this chance. Any less and you risk missing out on mutations and wasting a breed
So, we are going to be breeding for both Melee and HP so we are going to need 2 mating pits each consisting of 1 male and 30 females. Again, you can breed both stats at the same time in 1 pit but RNGesus rears his head again with the stat pulling and can waste your time. The easiest and safest way is to breed your 2 lines separately.
The way I accomplish this is to have a layer of females on the ground with a ramp and platform above them in the center. This allows me to walk my male on and off and not have to dig him out of the middle of his harem.
I leave all the females on breeding and then turn the male on and off when I need to (that sounds so wrong)
The males are then named Hp and Melee to make picking them out of the hatchery easier

Here comes the mutating

We now have our 2 love pits so we can make a start. Place 2 mutators in range of each of your pits. (they have a show range option to ensure you have full coverage) Now what we need to do is send out a pulse from each of the mutators set to mutation. This will give all the dinos 2/2 stacks and allows you to get a 4 stat increase rather than 2 like vanilla. Then start the male breeding. The eggs have to drop within 5minutes of the mutator being activated. This is fine with settings on our PVE cluster mating times have been decreased so they are over and done with quickly and mummy rex is left grumpy with daddy rex who has rolled over and gone to sleep. The only difference in this is if you are breeding dinos that are gestation as opposed to egg layers. With gestation dinos the mutator stacks have to be present at the moment of conception (When it changes from mating to gestating). With egg layers its when the egg is dropped
Wait for your hatcheries to collect all the eggs and incubate them for you – again fairly quick

Finding a new daddy

Jump over to your hatchery (I will know if you walked and will be very disappointed) and pull out all the eggs fathered by let’s say the melee pack.
Hop over to your hatching area and throw out some eggs. Grab your super spyglass and start looking at the babies. What you are looking for is a baby that is 4 levels higher than the father. Claim it and check the stats with the spyglass and look for a rex that has a 4-stat increase in its melee. Preferably we are looking for a male but again with have the gender studies mutator to swap if needed (just saves you some element)
Park up your new male near the nanny and let her raise it whilst you go and repeat this process with the HP pit.
Once raised grab a couple of cryopods and pod up your old males (its good practice to keep your old males as it makes it easier to go back if you make a mistake) Replace those males with your 2 new ones and all we have to do is wait for mating timers to reset.
Rinse and repeat

And that my friends, is it really. Hit the mutators set the male to breeding and repeat the process again looking for a baby 4 levels higher than your new male with another 4-stat increase in your chosen stat.
Keep this going as long as you like up to 255.

Merging the stats

Once you have your chosen stats the level you want its time to merge them together again. The way I normally do this is to set one last breed going but without the mutation pulse. Hatch and raise these killing any dinos with the incorrect stats and swap all the males to females.
Now take your other male and place him with these females and set them to breeding. We are again looking for twins with identical stats like when we first started so again it’s up to you whether you wait for twins or use the cloning chamber.


You now have a pair of super rexes to supply you with an endless amount of eggs for your boss slaying adventures. I tend to set them to breeding and take the first few eggs add a couple more females with the male so they can produce eggs faster as I am highly impatient.

And that is how you breed super dinos. Thanks for reading and if you require any help don’t forget to hit our forums or discord!

Have fun and stay safe

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