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In this guide I am going to help you with switching over from AA to SS + Tek.
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Automated Ark 3 Structures Plus


You will see below the replacements with both SS and Tek structures.
Some of the Tek Structures mentioned below are very exciting! And you will learn why 😉

To start off – the easiest replacements will be the Chemistry Bench, Smithy, Fabricator, Industrial Grinder and Industrial Grill. Make sure you craft the SS version of these structures. In the photo you can see the difference between AA and SS structures. Yes, some may seem a slightly larger size. They are also unlockable at different levels. I did miss the SS Crafting Station in the picture, but you will need it too 🙂


Next thing you will need to go out and tame one or two Dung Beetles, depending on the size of your greenhouse. All you need is… poop! Large one! Once you have tamed these, make sure you level up their weight. This will add how much poop they can convert into fertiliser. Don’t stress about making SS Compost Bins. Trust me, they are very slow. Dung Beetles will do it all for you. Next thing is to craft an SS Gardener and an SS Farmer. The Gardener will be the one that pulls ready crops and seeds out of crop plots. The Farmer will make sure to distribute fertiliser across all the crop plots. You will also need an SS Item Collector or two and an SS Animal Tender. Item Collectors will collect poop and distribute it to Dung Beetles. If you have a Gacha farm, you may want to craft an SS Vivarium, accessible at level 100.

Bring your Snow Owl to it, 1 female and 9 males. Make sure to remove saddles, then open the Vivarium and add the Snow Owls in. Set it to collect poop only. This will free up space if you had snow owls outside. (P.S The Vivarium holds only 10 dinos total, so if you have a big Gacha Farm and you feed a lot, you may need 2 Vivariums). This is where the SS Animal Tender comes in.

The Item collector will distribute Snow Owl Pellets to the Animal tender and it will then distribute it to the Gachas. The Animal Tender will also collect oil from Dung Beetles, so they will never be overweight. (also if you have Achatinas around, it will also collect paste and polymer from them ;)).

If you have a few dinos out, make sure you set which poop the Item Collector should collect. Or have a few of these, set each one for different items. Item Collector will also move metal and metal ingots, so you do not have to worry about transferring metal around to smelt into ingots. Make sure the Item Collectors do not overflow as then they will not function. Reason why I suggest having more than 1 Item Collector. One for poop and pellets and 1 for eggs, Gacha Crystals etc. The only thing you will not be able to do is to throw structures out for them to be collected, as Item Collectors does not do that.

For fertilised eggs you will need the SS Hatchery. It has quite a wide range so it should easily cover your base. It also boosts up the egg production just like Oviraptor. For the last incubation you will need 3-4 SS Air Conditioners. They do not take up much space and as you can see in one of the pictures, they snap in any direction. So if you are more creative than me, you will probably find an easy way to build these in 🙂


One of the things people have been worried about is the generators and powering the base with all the cables and stuff… For those who didn’t know this.. The SS Electrical Generator can actually power structures within around 8-9 foundation radius without any cables (as per tests). All you need is a generator, one SS Vertical Electrical Cable and one SS Electrical Outlet. Once connected to a generator and powered, the Outlet can work as a wireless generator. Thanks to the SS mod, you can even hide the cable and outlet, so all you see is a generator. If you have unlocked the Tek Generator, even better. All you need is some element. One element works for 24 hours of power. This can be easily harvested on Extinction in the City (lampposts, tables etc.), Crystal Isles and Genesis. If you have an Element Gacha, even better as you can take it to any map. The SS Tek Generator has a very wide range and will power anything.


The AA Dehydrator and the SS Preserving Bin are exactly the same size. The only difference is you will need some Sparkpowder and Oil with the SS Preserving Bin. Although there is something fancy at level 135 waiting for you… I will tell you more later 😉

For cooking kibbles and soups you will need the SS Industrial Cooker. Yes, you will need to get some water pipes. These have an option to hide connected, so you can pull them however you like through your base, they won’t disturb you. At level 90 there is SS Dyeria, if you want to craft dyes. It does not need water.

The AA Trashcan can be replaced by SS Incinerator. Be careful what you put in there as it deletes it instantly 😉 If you are wondering what that little weird looking thing in the picture next to the AA Repair Station, hold tight, I will reveal it in just a moment.

So the SS Dedicated Storage.. I know this is the thing you’ve been waiting for! Kinda.. How these work. First things first, if you have got the SS Tek Generator, when it is powered, the SS Dedicated Storage is refrigerated! It can hold the most resources, with the exception of seeds and a few other little bits that you don’t actually need to store that many. Like tributes. Anyways, craft the dedicated storage, this can be done in the SS Tek Replicator. Once you have found the spot for them (they do snap to foundations), place it down, select the resource, hold E (default key) and press consolidate. It will pull the resource from all the structures and dinos. Note that the element will not be pulled out of the generator. They hold A LOT. So do not worry about having several of them for each resource or ever running out of space. Let’s say… I have some resources exceeding 1 million.

Next best thing is the regular SS Tek Storages. They are the same size as dedicated ones and snap to each other, and yes, they refrigerate too once powered 🙂 They hold anything!

If you are out farming, either by hand or with a dino, you may want to consider crafting the SS Dedicated Storage Intake. Once you have enabled the dino touch, you can just walk up to it with the dino and touch. This will immediately send all the matching inventory to the dedicated storage system. You can always upgrade the intake in size with an artifact, so it would be easier to use with larger dinos. Since the dedicated storage snaps together nicely, you may as well build them into your flooring as 4 storage boxes equals the size of the foundation (see in the picture).

If you noticed in the storage picture the little triangle looking structure… It is the SS Auto Crafter. Once crafted, place all other crafting stations into it and don’t worry about them taking up space anymore. Even the SS Tek Replicator. It will instantly craft anything you need.

Soooo, the FANCY stuff time!

You may have noticed the grayed out engrams at level 135.

First thing, if you look at the structure next to the AA Repair Station, that is the SS Repair Station. It does not cost a lot to craft and you will see it says ‘Repair All’. So stuff it with the resources, broken armor & weapons and press that button.

Going forward, the next engram you can unlock and craft is the SS Item Translocator. It will send items to other item translocators. Would be handy when you need to send resources between bases on one map 🙂

The SS Laboratory doubles the output of every recipe, does the same conversions as the SS Industrial Grinder and even crafts the fertiliser.

The SS Tek Cooking pot… First of all it accepts water just like crop plots. So no pipes! Yay! It even crafts beer. Did I mention it produces twice as much per recipe? Yep! 🙂

Now the expensive and fancier stuff…
The SS Tek Stove will require you to defeat the King Titan on gamma difficulty, as it needs the trophy to craft it. But guess why! It will instantly cook meat and can also make jerky.

The SS Tek Refrigerator also requires the King Titan beta trophy. What does it do though you may ask… Well it resets the spoil timer of items placed inside and will fill up your water containers as well. So yes, it will be a little more expensive.

Probably the most expensive thing to craft, but at the same time it is no wonder why because of what it does.. The SS Tek Forge. Instantly smelts metal into ingots (even scrap metal will be smelted into normal ingots and requires only 1 metal per ingot!), wood into charcoal, organic polymer into polymer & condensed gas into gas balls. Remember crafting the element back into dust and losing 80% it? With the Tek Forge you can forget about it! It will give you back the full 1000 dust from the element and if you craft the unstable element, it will instantly stabilise it! what can be better than this!

If you do decide to craft all 3 structures that require the King Titan trophies, you may want to get all your tribe mates to the fight as otherwise, you will have to do the Gamma 3 times, Beta 2 times and Alpha 1 time to be able to craft each one of them.


The only few things that do not have a direct replacement are the Blood Bagger, Turret Genie, Plant Commander, Oil Drum, Spoiling Bin (although it is so easy to quickly spoil meat manually), Engram Pod and Ice Block. The Medical Station can be replaced with taming Snow Owls and Daeodons.

Otherwise, this should be it.

If there is anything you would like to know more about, feel free to hit me up on Discord and I will be more than happy to guide you through 🙂

I hope this guide has helped you, and you have learned something new from it about the SS structures mod.

Have a good time and see you on the battlefield!