Why vote for Merric Gaming Communities ARK Survival Cluster?
Voting on any Server is extremely important, this is why you find any established community provides rewards for doing so. When you vote this moves our servers further up the voting websites thus making them easier to find and attracting more players to the cluster.

Why do we want more players?
We need more players for a number of reasons, having more players on our servers means the servers makes the servers more attractive in the Server browser window within the game. Having more players also helps keep the game interesting for all of you, with new friendly faces to talk to, along with new tips from other players that you may not have known before and finally running a gaming community these days is not cheap, especially running an ARK Survival Cluster! Attracting more plays also means some may donate thus helping Merric Gaming with our (100% Non-Profit) running costs. This also means it gives us a chance to grow and host more servers for the ARK Community.

Which Voting website are Merric Currently on?
Currently we ‘mainly’ advertise our cluster on two voting websites:
TrackyServers This website allows you to vote for all of our servers every day thus allowing you to receive in game rewards for each of them.
Ark-Servers This website allows you to vote up-to 3 servers per day and also allows for 3 in-game rewards.

NOTE: You must claim your rewards in game by typing /claim on any server/map (this applies to both PvE & PvP).

If I help you what do I get in return?
In total you can currently vote up to 12 Servers per day and this gives you 12 chances at the rewards below, so with this in mind we have made the voting fair for the efforts you put in while also trying to ensure it’s not overpowered.
When you vote you have a chance of the following rewards.

#Drop %RewardDaily
1100%10 – 20 Coins120 – 200
250%500 XP
330%1000 XP
410%5000 XP
55%Boss Lootbox
65%Harvest Lootbox
75%Flyer Lootbox
85%Water Lootbox
95%Blueprints Lootbox
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