The wording of some of the rules is leaving huge holes for players to take advantage of, or misinterpret.

A few quick examples, as a browser crash killed my long explanation.

General Rules #8 suggests items can be replaced with sufficient proof (such as video recording of start-finish) due to the “nearly impossible due to no viable proof”. It also suggests items can be replaced if lost to other game issues.

Raiding Rules #7 specifically says “Structure Wiping” multiple times, suggesting the rule applies to all player made structures. That interpretation is reinforced with the wording of “abandoned taming structures, etc.”, as it suggests that taming structures/etc. that are not abandoned are safe.

Raiding Rules #4 says teaming/forming alliances to raid is not allowed. But it does not forbid raiding a base that is already being raided, OR raiding someones active raid fob. So, you can save your friends from being raided safely. You can also raid a base that your friends are raiding. It’s far too easy to work around this rule as it is now.

Just a few examples of the kinds of things that need to be addressed.

Rules in PvP are difficult, especially in ARK. Some PvP players are just toxic savages that want to ruin other peoples fun and inflict as much damage as possible. Some so badly want to be the “alpha” that they will do a cost/benefit analysis of the rules, then play against them to reap the benefits as much as possible because the punishment isn’t great enough to counter it.

There will never be a perfect rule set, but I think we can do better.

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