s+ has added the option to show any structure as another, so tek can look like thatch, stone like wood etc.
Could we have this option added to our merric servers so we can go wild with building while keeping strength in our bases. like thatch roofs with stone strength

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2020-06-28 10:09:24

I am declining this request, its not possible and would cost the community a lot of money to be built.


2020-06-27 20:04:47

Last night it was said there isa person that can write an entire system with a boxfor base decay. Surely that person can make this happen aswell. If mod writers can other can aswell


2020-06-27 17:05:41

ZAWEYA what are suggesting is not possible, it would have to be changed to s+.


2020-06-27 00:19:09

Oh, I am sorry I misunderstood your suggestion. This is a really neat idea in this case and I would like to see it happen! I just hope it's doable :D


2020-06-27 00:11:04

This has to be checked if even possible without the whole S+ mod. SS does not support that yet


2020-06-26 23:52:01

Sadly people are misunderstanding my suggestion and downvoting because of it :( i do not want to switch to s+.. I just would like a option it has added to merric. The only difference would be that we have ss but we can hold "E" on the structure and choose its "look". Just like you can change castle and keeps looks


2020-06-26 23:44:55

I think people are understanding me wrong.. I do not want toswitchto s+. I wantto keep ss bit have an config added to our servers so we canchange the looksof our structures. So take that option from s+. Not implement s+


2020-06-26 23:43:16

Unfortunately, I think there would be a lot more things that would be really inconvenient for everyone if we switched from SS to S+. Some I believe were mentioned during the discussion, such as the inaccessibility of transmitters and the dino scan function, the S+ gun being "one gun to rule them all"...so on and so forth. In my opinion, the dev for SS is most likely going to implement the appearance changing feature for structures and all other features that the community likes (hopefully the rest will not be added but we will cross that bridge when we get to it :D ). My point is we probably just need to be patient.