The release of ARK: Survival Evolved on the Epic Games Store for Free boosted the ARK player base to new heights and with this, more opportunity.
The new PvP servers are compatible with both Epic Games accounts and Steam, got that friend you always wanted to play with? Well if they picked the game up for free on Epic Games they can now join you in all the mayhem that the PvP servers come to offer. Ride together, tame the biggest and baddest dinos on the server and compete for the Alpha title and dominate the server.

The Cluster gives you and your friends the opportunity to experience all the official maps of ARK, including the brand new Crystal Isles map and the new dino and variants.

Remember all the players will be making full use of the ARK cluster, so you are not limited to just one map, travel around and use all the maps to your advantage, and that includes PvP, go looting and shooting across all the maps and bring that sweet loot back home. Stay up to date with the PvP Rules on the website to make sure all players can enjoy a safe and fair environment to play the game. Finally the most important thing, have fun.
That is good info/advert mate, I just corrected a couple of tiny things if that is ok!

Ark: Survival PvP Cluster

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