Content Writer Wanted

With the community growing faster that we could ever imagine, it has come to the point where we just can not keep up with the daily task that we need to do, we are hoping there are 1 or 2 players in the community that would like to help.

As the title suggest we are currently looking for content writers for the website.  This will mainly Involve writing about ARK Survival, Upcoming Events, Server News and everything that is happening within the community.  The content must be unique and not copied and pasted from another website ( We will know 😉 )

Full training can be given on using our system, the only requirement is you have a good understanding of English and can write well ( Unlike myself )

GFX Designer Wanted

With regards to the GFX designer, we are looking for someone who can work along side the admins as well as the content writers producing some nice unique images for the content writers to use in their posts as well as banners to advertise on other websites.

If you are interested please send an example post to [email protected]

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