Good Morning everyone well its been a busy week for Merric Gaming’s Rust solo Server, we have been working hard in the background fixing, updating and adding new mods to the server to start our transition for a lot more changes we have coming over the new few months. Below are a list of changes we made last week.

Weekly Change List


  • Increased Stack size’s to 150,000
  • Fixed issue with rewards, all text ingame text information no longer outputs code.
  • Added basic guide to the website to point new players too. Thanks to @RobbieJC254 for this.
  • Fixed Starting coins issue.
  • Fixed Issue with coins not being added when completing specific tasks in game i.e killing animals.
  • Added Offline Raid Protection, Please see next section below for more information


  • Supporters / Donators now officially get no decay on their base.
  • Extended Supporters / Donators backpacks to 7 Rows.
  • Supporter Only Added custom skins to ingame for Package type /skins ingame to use
  • Supporter Only /rn discord “nickname#id” – Sends a discord notification to you when you are being raided. You must be in Merric Discord channel for this to work.


  • New in-game GUI to provide all major information about the server, this also pops up when you first connect. /info to show this again.
  • Replaced sorting system for a much easier to use one recommended by Sigo
Offline Raid Protection
  • First 1 hour offline – 100% damage
  • Between 1 hour and 2 hours offline – 0% damage
  • Between 2 and 4 hours offline – 20% damage
  • Between 4 and 7 hours offline – 35% damage
  • Between 7 and 13 hours offline – 50% damage
  • Between 13 and 49 hours offline – 80% damage
  • After 49 hours offline – 100% damage