What is CrazyTrain Rust Mini Games Server?

CrazyTrain is a Rust Mini Games Server which has a number of game modes to choose from with many of them being custom specifically for the CrazyTrain Server.

Game Mods

This game mode allows players to work their way up through the ranks, as you level you will be given a new gun. Leveling within the Rust Gun-game mode is to simply kill your opponents, you can also downgrade your opponents weapons by killing them with a knife.
Team Death Match
Team Death Match pits two teams against each other, players within each team will have their own kill count.
Free For All
Friends? What friends! Free for all Game mode pits all participants against each other, this event has a score limit and the top 3 players will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
This game mode is custom to the CrazyTrain Server, the Rust Boxing Arena allows for a 1v1 fist fight. The winner is the first person to knockout their opponent.
Are you looking to show up your friend, or would you like to settle an argument on who’s the better player. The VS game mode allows you to play 1v1 with many different guns. Who will survive?
Aim Training
This game mode is the perfect way to practice each guns different spray patterns, when loading into the arena you will you will be faced with multiple targets at different distances. When switching guns you will see a recoil recorder showing you the spray pattern for the gun you are using. This will also track your current spray pattern when shooting.
Go-cart Racing
Race your way to the top of the leader boards, with CrazyTrain’s unique Rust Racing circuits. It’s not just unique in the fact you can race up to 16 of your friends its also very similar to Mario Cart, Around the track you will see barrels and these give you rewards to either boost your way to victory or shoot your friends off the track.
Mini Copter Racing & Training
Sometimes easily missed in the Southwest corner of the lobby you will find 3 Mini Copter Training Arena’s, each one has a unique style and you can choose either Mini-copter Racing or Free-roam to increase your flying skills.
This game mode allows you to practice your movement skills in Rust, the course is specifically made to be a challenging, with some difficult jumps but most importantly Fun!!


CrazyTrain was originally known as WeeklyRust, the server was created by Nikedemos & WhoIsMikeJones along with many others. In 2020 (Texas) CrazyCopters acquired WeeklyRust and re-branded the server/community to CrazyTrain.

In Feb 2021 Merric Gaming Community took a vote to acquire CrazyTrain after the current owner decided to take a break from running a community.

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