Merric Gaming is proud to present our unique 5x Duo Rust Server, this server has many unique qualities including a custom welcome menu with integrated Kits, shop & server list.

This server also has many events to keep even the most experienced rust players busy, you can choose to raid other players base, pvp or even if you find this some what tedious why not try out the dangerous treasures event, this event is announced on the server and you need to hold the area until the event is unlocked. Once unlocked you can kill the NPC’s and for some sweet rewards in the chests.

If Dangerous Treasures does not take your fancy why not try the NPC Raidable bases? bored of raiding the same bases this event has many different base designs for you to practices your raiding skills, kill the NPC’s raid the base and find that sweet loot to help raid even harder bases as the wipe goes on.

There are numerous other events on the server along with events you can vote for the servers to earn vote rewards and even loot boxes that can be claimed periodically.

Can you make it to the top of the DUO’s leaderboard test your skills today !

Rust: Duo 5x Server

IP Address:

Port: 28055

Password Protected: No

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Players: /

Dedicated Server: No


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