Welcome to Merric Gaming’s Rust 5x solo server, with this server you are now left alone to survive the dangers of rust among other players. This is survival of the fittest, Our Rust 5x Solo Server gives you 5 times more gathering on resources and other lootable, this makes the game play exciting, engaging and fast-paced. Within this rust server let your creativity go wild and design a big base and show people that you mean business.

Why play Merric? Merric’s Gaming community is like no other, we have our own loot tables meaning the loot is unique to our servers, on our servers therefore we have optimized the plugins to give players the best experience on our servers as we believe all players should have a smooth experience. Our servers run on dedicated machines with the best hardware and network to assure your game play will not be interrupted.

Our helpful staff: we have a very friendly team of understanding staff as we believe this is crucial for any community. Furthermore all our staff are selectively chosen through an application process meaning that all staff are tailored to different community needs.

Server rules

Please make sure to read & follow our servers rules. All admins have the right to ban ANY players, you may be banned for: suspicious activity or where a significant number of reports from players have been created, you may give evidence to us through a ticket in the discord to report a player or to appeal a report/ban.

Group limits & teaming:

  • We take teaming and exceeding group limits very seriously, if we identify that you have breached these rules then all members in the team may and will be banned on the specific server. Regardless of anything, as the player, it is YOUR job to make sure you understand and follow the rules.
  • You must keep to the group limit on any server including online/offline players
  • You CANNOT roam/team/raid or ally with any other players or clans within this server

Power up your gameplay within our servers

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Rust: Solo 5x Server

IP Address:

Port: 28015

Password Protected: No

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Dedicated Server: No


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