Welcome to the wonderful land of Merric. Here on our Solo Server you’re going to have to use your wits, as everyone will be out to get you. In Solo there are no teams. Scout accordingly and pack accordingly. Plan your trips to Cargo’s, Oil Rigs, and Military Tunnels with extreme precaution… because as soon as you shoot your first shot, or hack into your first crate, everyone will be out to get what’s yours.

A Solo Server is bare teeth and bones, battling until YOU’RE the last one standing and YOU claim your Supply Drops. Leave your friends, family, and team at the door. You’re taking this one on Solo. Good luck and may you prevail.

Rust: Solo 5x Server

IP Address:

Port: 28015

Password Protected: No

Server Info

Game: Rust

Players: 2/100

Dedicated Server: Yes


Name Score Time Played
Bad_Dose 0 5:13
ipressqueue 0 1:21


Map: Procedural Map

Rust Trio 5x Server