It could finally be happening. Wildcard. Our tormenters and saviours. Could be releasing…. A bug fix!

I know… I was shocked as well. Well they haven’t specifically said they are fixing any thing they have stuck to their vague I’m not sure what they are doing stance with the following line:

Misc. Valguero Issues

There are some misc. issues related to Valguero (wyverns, etc) that will be patched this week. Patch notes with specific details will be updated prior to the patch going live.

Vague right? I’m sure we could all list a nearly inexhaustible list of “Misc. Issues” but hopefully with the release of the patch notes later this week we should know more and finally trace what they are going to fix.

So, what else is coming up this week? We have the standard warning that the exploit enforcement team are watching you. I know scary right!
Apparently the official servers have been having their usually fun from their toxic companions and the support ticket system has been overloaded with griefers as a result of the PvE tribe war system so they have taken the stance that if you cant be trusted with it we aren’t going to let you have it. As such the Tribe warfare feature is going to be turned off on all PvE official servers. Good job griefers! This change goes live on Thursday 22nd August and they have not said whether this will be a permeant change or temporary
They have also announced that they intend to announce there is going to be a new classic pvp season. I applaud Wildcard’s effort to keep people informed of upcoming events and what’s on the horizon but I must admit this announcing that they are going to announce something is getting a bit tired.

For those of you that don’t know what classic PvP is check out this community crunch from earlier in the year 

And finally the Mod sponsorship is back and applications will be opening up on September 1st. Wildcards acceptance and welcoming attitude towards the modding community has always been one of my favourite parts of the game as mods (in my opinion) are truly what make this game the addictive mess that it is.

Good news to the PC master race the new beta will be going live this week! Keep an eye on the forums for details on how to join up and test out the new bugs sorry sorry new changes made to the game

Upcoming changes on the beta include

  • Mek shield debuff set to not be given on shield deactivation
  • Outside of Mek shield debuff reduced to 30 seconds (from 60)
  • The Snow owl freeze debuff should no longer dismount other players
  • Once you have been frozen by a snow owl you should gain a 10 second immunity (good anti grief change)
  • Snow Owl Encapsulate/freeze wind up changed from 1.3 seconds to 2.6
  • Tek Tapeharhar (sorry tapejara) Saddle damage has been reduced by 30%
  • Tek Tapeharhar (I can’t help it) Saddle damage vs structures have been reduced by 70%
  • The fruit from Plant Species Z has had its weight reduced to 10 points

Thanks for reading arkers and see you in game

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