May I have your attention? Please, will the real PVP’er stand up?
I repeat will the realPVP’ers please stand up?
we’re gonna have a problem here…

Yall act like you never seen a PVP server before,
bases all on the floor, like Ace and Gav have raided you all
and whopping their ass worse than before
like they just joined
throwing them over furniture
its the start of…
Ah wait, no wait, you’re kidding,
he didn’t just say what I think he did did he
and HairyHog said… nothing you idiots HairyHogs dead,
locked in my cage pen.

PVP’ers loving Pteras
(chicka chicka chicka)
Acecase I’m sick of him walking around
taking your you know whats
and looting your food
‘yeh but he’s so cute though’
yeh, he’s probably got a couple of screws loose
but no worse than what’s going on,
on the PVP cluster.

Sometimes he’ll get on a wyvern and let loose,
but can’t, but it’s cool for Telest to grab your Ovis
my Stego on you base my Stego’s on your base
and if you’re lucky it might just give you a little kiss
and that’s the message we deliver to little kids
and expect then to not know what a full raid is
of course, they’re gonna know what breaching is
by the time they hit 4 days, they got youtube don’t they?

We ain’t nothing but raiders
well some of us cannibals
who harvest people like Cantaloupes
but if we can harvest dead animals and antelopes
then there’s no reason than a man and another man can’t join the cluster.

Anyway, enough of that, welcome to our PVP cluster as you can tell from joining our discord or finding this on our website
we already have a PvE community set up and thriving, now we are turning our attention to building up a PVP community with server rates set too 5X taming experience and everything else. so far as of Sept 2019 we have a few tribes already on the cluster, we are looking for more to join to make it more fast-paced and more risk versus reward. will you build big and defensive or hidden so well that you can build out of thatch and have no issue getting raided?

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