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Hey can we add the pvp mod crosstravel element to the pve server? Did the boss on valguero for the engrams but thought it would be nice to be able to move element across serversĀ 

Posted : 05/10/2019 11:48 am
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I've never been a fan of this because I think it makes the end game too easy and a big possibility of making the admins job even harder because there will be stray dinos left everywhere after they finished boss fights. I'll see what others say thou.

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Posted : 05/10/2019 6:46 pm
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I wouldn't like to see this mod on our servers as I think it makes it too easy element wise!

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Posted : 08/10/2019 6:54 am
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agreed. Element is the one thing that slows you down and with the AH and gacha farming its not like its a massive slow down either. Theres always the possibility of transfering items to craft with element on other servers etc which i think helps break up the tedium buiulding a little crafting base on other maps etc

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Posted : 16/10/2019 7:36 pm