Due to the fact we have a lot of new players to ark on our servers at the moment I feel adding New Player Protection would be a good idea, this will help protect them while they are learning the game.

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2020-06-23 09:00:10

Hey LYCAN, Many thanks for your reply, this is defined by 72 hours or level 100, you see this in game and your current status by the following commands:
  • !npp info ~ See what the current NPP settings are on your server
  • !npp status ~ Shows how much time/levels you have left before the protection wears off (Based on oldest and highest tribe member)
  • !npp disable ~ Disables protection for user's tribe (only tribe admins can do)
  • !npp tribeid ~ Displays targeted structure's Tribe ID
  • !npp path ~ Displays targeted structure's blueprint path for structure exemption

Lycan Maul

2020-06-22 12:01:40

how will the game differentiate between new or not new players ? will it be how long they have been on the server or by players lvl ?