i think aa should go because it takes around like 5 mods and it causes people to play less because it takes so much time to load the game and it makes the game too easy and for example the repair station is something that you need to ascend but with the aa you literally need level 5

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2020-06-28 15:53:56

After reading all the replies i have to say that maybe im being a bit selfish. I truly understand the reason of removal AA and, despite i will give me a hard time doing things and maybe quit playing when the new school year begins due to professional reasons, i finally agree with the removal.


2020-06-28 14:21:14

Ark is supposed to be survival game. It is not to log on and you got everything on your plate. It is about going out in wild, farming stuff etc etc...  Rebuilding, farming and everything else that comes with Ark is the way you play it. I have put 2500+ hours into Ark which is only Merric servers. I was here before Xmas wipe and I still am here 6+ months into 'new season'. I have rebuilt my main base several times. Run out of materials, gone out to farm them, got back to building. On top of this all I am managing Merric Social Media, doing admin for both Ark PvE and PvP. Look at the difference on the PvP servers after removing all mods and enabling cross play with Epic Games store. We have gone from 30 something players to 100+ players! Yesterday we had over 130 players on pvp that has NO MODS. Not even SS. Meanwhile on PvE where we have a lot of mods we barely hit 30 players.  Now look at this difference and tell me that we don't need a change on PvE to get servers healthy population. This is not what I want or someone else wants. This change is needed for Merric. 


2020-06-28 14:00:48

Reading through the comments noone had said we are wiping the cluster we are discussing removing 7 mods all for aa


2020-06-28 13:57:50

sorry if i seem a bit aggresive


2020-06-28 13:23:37

if you want a guide on what to replace the aa things with ill gladly do it but im pretty sure cynthia is doing it


2020-06-28 13:21:27

dont forget that if you were in the comunity meeting gav (beargryllstv) said that the ark pve servers cost 1000 pounds monthly and if aa goes some people will go but alot will join people that are saying stuff like 'me and my friend spent ages building our bases' or ' dont think aa should go because bla bla bla' what you are you doing is being selfish when the pvp servers were being wiped for epic gamers one of the players and one of the admins (cynthia) said she doesnt want it but she voted YES because that was what was good for the COMUNITY not for her own selfish reasons what you are doing is only thinking about yourself and not for the comunity


2020-06-28 13:12:44

I would be OK with it if you weren't forced to rebuild your bases, it takes such a long time.. Also I like AA because it does all the trivial things for you and honestly I would probably not have time to play without it because of work. All I would have time to do are all those trivial things like taking care of cropplots, fertilizasion and so on. I am against it if we have to rebuild everything but I could live with it if AA would just go without having to rebuild.

Lucifer 404

2020-06-28 13:10:49

If you don't like AA, then don't use it. It's that simple, we use like 2 of AA functions.

Lucifer 404

2020-06-28 13:07:58

I don't think AA should be removed, cause I think that people stop playing cause when you get to a certain lvl and get further into the game it becomes easier to play and so people get bored cause they don't know what to do next. AA is not the problem it helps alot when you don't have alot of time to play, like if you have a job, so with AA you can just come home and start doing what you want to do on ARK and not just start gathering stuff, cause that kills also the mood. With the time to get in is all about your computer, like I know people that have to wait like 5 mins to get in, but yeah, sure, it's frustating. But they don't complain about the mods. Thier complains are on the computer. I also think if you dicide to do this after all, the wiped of buildings, will make alot of people stop playing, cause having to rebuild everything takes alot of time. Me and my boyfriend have worked and put down so much time to have what we have, it really kills the mood with just thinking about having to rebuild every single base. So please don't do this.


2020-06-28 12:57:28

i dont think it should go, if that means we need to wipe our bases, me and my girl friend has put so much time in all of our bases. tbh it takes like 1 min to load all mods for me so i dont know what thats about but still i dont think people will stop playing because it takes a few min to load the server. I think the problem with people leaving isnt that stuff gets pulled by it self beacuse if thats 80% of ark just running around and putting stuff in forges and stuff then you should remove SS as-well because of the pull function, and ark without SS is almost not playable in my opinion. i think people are leaving because they get bored of breeding for bosses because it takes so long time and its not for everyone opening 100 off eggs every day and might get a mutation in melee or hp but most of the time its in a useless stat so people gets bored after a while. i dont get bored i love to breed dinos but thats just what i think. the AA functions dosent remove the core gameplay of building, surviving, taming, breeding, gathering, caves and bosses. and keep in mind i dont even use AA never had seems annoying But if its at cost off our bases i vote against the removal!

John (Husky)

2020-06-28 12:54:34

I like the AA but then I have to agree it makes things TOO easy. I will miss the generator/kibble/etc but I vote to REMOVE AA...


2020-06-28 12:16:53

There was already a vote on this just two months ago. What was the point of that if it's just going to get requested again? I played on Merric's Valg server without the AA mod and it wasn't any more difficult so to say AA alone removes 80% of the game is unfair, that's the result of all the mods combined. I never personally use the kibble station, not out of principal, but just because taming is so easy on here that it isn't needed anyway, don't even use appetizer. The gardening station does massivley trivialize rare items, by making them not rare at all so that's a fair point, but that could be removed separately.


2020-06-28 12:07:32

I am getting a little fed up with many people threatening Gav and I with crap like "if you remove it we will leave".  I will gladly show you the door if that is how you feel!


2020-06-28 12:02:34

My two cents for what its worth. I joined because i wanted to play a game that let me build and decorate a cool base. The fact i can then populate said base with dinosaurs is pretty cool. The pulling feature is duplicated in S+ and i could get a beetle to deal with all the poop. I would be sad to see my base get wiped after just finishing it, but hey, i joined because i like building things and it would be an excuse to start over. The added benefit to a wipe would be we get to update the CKF mod, which whilst awesome, is a pain to combine with vanilla structures due to the size differences leading to odd situations, the update looks to have some vanilla sized wall sections and better snapping. I would be sad to see some of the more unique looking AA mods go, but these are cosmetic things we could probably find something else for that doesn't take a day to load. If there is gonna be a wipe though, wouldnt mind people stopping by 25long 22lat on ragnarok and checking out the Monkey Pad i built :D


2020-06-28 10:57:06

When I was a kid, there were no modded games. I don't even remember anything that would come remotely close to modding, except for choosing the difficulty in the game. It didn't change the fact that we loved to play for the sake of playing, and we loved the challenge in it. How is it fun to have to be able to have things in the game, and not really earn your achievements? 10x the experience, triple the resources, spawned in items, crosshairs, hacking...require no skill. And I put it in the same category as botting. May as well have a bot, but this way you're doing it without a VAC ban.Things like these make you bored with the game, and lazy. I don't see how some servers are filled with players on servers like this. Why would anyone want to play a survival game, or buy one, if you don't even have to survive in the game because the tough part is given to you. So yes I am voting for removal of this AA mod.


2020-06-28 10:05:18

the 7 mods that make up Automated Ark removes 80% of the game and means players have no need to do any boss fights because they get everything handed to them on a plate.

My Personal view this should go, it is supposed to be a survival game not Everything handed to you on a plate.


2020-06-27 23:17:23

I wouldn't mind the removal of the AA mod it would leave the server open for changing mods and allow the players that cant join because of the long load time to be able to play, My small 10 sub covers the 4 weekly boss fights so i can get my tech engrams from there to make up for the AA stuff being removed.


2020-06-27 21:17:44

I fully disagree. Is is a giant change for the game. Speaking just for me, i would quit playing ark probably. As @Zaweya said before, is something too big to be wiped from the server...it has taken several weeks to build up all our staff. If the point of removing it is to be more fair and have more fun...just go official. I mean, most of us play on Merric due to mods and community and AA mod is such an important mod, at least for me. I will quit Merric and probably ARK too. I understand the point of removing it..., but dunno, i would like a hard wipe if this happens, just start from zero. On the other hand, im close no to start doing bosses and it's hard for me being wiped before or just after. Too many hours playing for no getting the prize at the end.


2020-06-27 20:00:57

If this gets trough and it is removed I know of people who will quit merric. Therefore you would lose players. If it would also include a wipe or softwipe(I spent weeks to build my base..). I will quit too. It would just be too much.


2020-06-27 19:14:50

I'm all for removing AA however i think it would only work if the server was wiped and therefor have voted against it. All that will happen if it is removed now is it will hinder the new players and increase the gap between the long standing players and the new players. It will also create alot of work for people as they will have to redo their bases to function without AA.

2020-06-27 18:40:23

I agree with removal of most mods since most players get bored after having most endgame items/dinos in no time. Less mods=more fun!

JOE 90

2020-06-27 18:04:54

@ Maxwell I've seen in-game comments where people have 35k kibble. This change will affect new players as older players have tonnes of kibble in reserve. (Double post didn't include my name, delete the other)

2020-06-27 18:03:49

@ Maxwell I've seen in-game comments where people have 35k kibble. This change will affect new players as older players have tonnes of kibble in reserve.

JOE 90

2020-06-27 17:59:44

This is a massive game changer for those that have no TEK Engrams and even if you do have the Engrams you still need to farm element to run things like TEK generator and you cannot transfer Element from map to map (as far as I know). I don't know what the workaround would be if you have bases on multiple maps that would need element to run generators etc, this is not the only downside as we will all lose every element of the AA mod. I feel like this is a massive game changer especially for potential new new players trying to get into this game and what with the sale price now on in steam you may just get that influx of new players, I remember all too well how hard this game was when I first purchased it as bare bones package. If you do read this don't forget to vote either way, thumbs up or thumbs down, as the last topic for server removal members just made comments with just 3 votes and its the votes that count - not comments.


2020-06-27 17:31:23

Please don't confuse SS and AA. Those are TWO SEPARATE mods. SS mod and Tek stuff can cover the whole AA, which BTW is SPLIT into several mods and takes the size of 2-3 mods combined. It takes so much away of the actual gameplay. All of the items listed below has easy fix with SS & Tek, that is provided that you do bosses, although most don't need it. I am ready to write a guide for switching, provided we don't have the soft wipe, although I am very much up for it. Before going forward STOP and think about the server healthiness and population. In 6 months time I have seen so many people leave within weeks time because they get bored as the AA provides them with everything at very low levels. When the wipe happened on PvP recently to enable cross play with Epic Games, I was very much against it. BUT I voted YES! You know why? Because it was needed for the community! Merric needed this! Removing such a big mod from the PvE will be a huge improvement towards the amount of the mods and loading time. We loose so many people because they do not want to see 23 mods loading up. Literally everything listed below is in separate AA mod parts, meaning you can't just remove one part of it that we don't use. I am sorry to say this, I really am, but stop being selfish and think about the bigger picture.


2020-06-27 13:16:40

and also you can just stock pile kibble if aa goes


2020-06-27 13:15:44

aa makes the game too easy and makes the game dull and boring it basically is like ascension items at level 5 and its ridiculous the kibble station only needs dodo eggs and its rediculous


2020-06-27 12:49:51

Please can we have a list of all the things included in the mod & what we could use to replace them at tek level. I guess this will need to be a full guide if this change is to go ahead. I think the main pain for me would be removal of kibble station, i've had it so easy for so long with this table. I could just bulk create a load of kibble before it's removed though i guess.


2020-06-27 00:33:41

I would be very sad to see the AA kibble station and AA gardening station go... I wish we could find a happy medium where we can cut down on the mod amount but also keep features like the gardening station.


2020-06-27 00:28:09

I would also add to not forget that with removing AA there is going to be additional cables placed for people who are not at the TEK level yet. Which would cause more clutter and higher rendering times.


2020-06-27 00:26:55

I am very much against and so is my tribemate. Our entire base runs on ss and it took us alot of time to set it all up.. Its all built arround ss structures and sizes. All it does is remove tedious tasks. A few things that you will lose: Aa fridge - No more ambergriss in your base AA engram pod - no more engram saving aa trashcan - item deletion aa kibble station - easy kibble gardening station - mushrooms, fungal wood, sap, cactus sap aa wireless gen - no more nanny aa blood bagger - easy bloodbags aa medical station - healing dinos aa polymer converter


2020-06-26 23:53:48

I personally would have little problem with removing AA _IF_ we have about 2 weeks warning (in case by that time we have not done the beta dragon yet to unlock the ded. storages). Also, GRAPPLE FLAREGUN could be added! O.O <3 Which I would personally love cause it's amazing!


2020-06-26 23:09:08

I am not going to tell you 'vote yes', but here is why you should consider it 1. AA mod is split into several smaller ones from 23 mods you could go to 16 2. It takes the space of 2-3 mods combined 3. It makes the Ark too easy - combined with gachas, you have every single resource at level 5 plus there are a lot of stuff that usually would be unlockable at later stage 4. By removing AA, you will have a chance to suggest new mods to be added. These are the pros of removing it Cons 1. It will take you about half a day to swap between AA and SS(Tek) Just think about it folks, we are currently having a little population on PvE, mostly because people are bored. Reason because they have no point of doing bosses due the fact they have everything.