Due to players getting confused, joining this server and loosing many of their items. We are suggesting we should close down this server.

Disconnect it from the cluster and we have been asked on several occasions to create a Hardcore server.

Is this something you would like?

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2020-06-16 20:37:02

Yes! creating a hardcore server on 1x rates with few to no mods would be awesome!


2020-06-16 17:32:23

I am personally not interested in the Lightweight map. I have not lost dinos to it but it is due to paying close and careful attention when transferring maps...Which can be exhausting when you go back and forth. Regarding the hardcore server, I am neutral.


2020-06-16 16:58:51

I vote for removal of the lightweight server. I would not be opposed to a hardcore server.


2020-06-16 16:27:53

I would vote for hardcore server. All those modded servers have mad Ark way too easy and having everything in game within week's time makes people lose their interest in the whole game fairly too soon One of the main reasons why I'm not currently playing Ark. There is no surprise nor challenge element within all those modded maps.


2020-06-16 16:26:26

Hardcore or vanilla ( both with NO MODS ) But happy if settings the same i.e taming, breeding gathering ect , that would be great just need to decide on the map


2020-06-16 16:26:12

i never played on rag light i joined by mistake one time and lost dinos so for me i think it should go and i dont think i would play on a hardcore server

JOE 90

2020-06-16 16:08:31

With reference to Hardcore Server. I originally bought this game when it first came out, played it for a while and found it too hard (probably because I had no idea what to do) in any case it was uninstalled until recently where I installed it again and gave it another go. I think one of the reasons I am still around is that I found Merric modded cluster which made it easier. Will I play hardcore now that I have more of an idea? Probably not....

Joe 90

2020-06-16 15:58:14

I'll probably never ever play there as it doesn't appeal to me and being one of those that lost balled up souls when it first appeared I'll be glad to see it go! lol I always have to check that I'm joining the right Ragnarok server and while it is fairly easy to do so I can see myself making the same mistake again if I was rushing around, which I usually am :D


2020-06-16 14:51:00

Tbh i not really fussed on either only been on the lightweight cus of the sub building which i did enjoy Hardcore does not appeal to me at all but i am fine with rag light been removed maybe another sub map would be nice (just hope we can do another sub building on another map :) )


2020-06-16 14:08:41

I might be interested in Hardcore in the future, but i still want to explore all the other maps. And being back at work that might take me a while. I was always terrified of accidentally clicking on the beginner servers. I'm kinda glad it'll be removed from the list.