RUST Trio 5x

Welcome to RUST 5x Trio Server. Here on this server you are allowed to bring your family, your friends, or the pack you’ve sculpted from stone for all of these years. We welcome the Veterans and the newcomers as the Trio is worth the experiences you’ll have. Battle with your posse back to back, securing your raid, or defending that beautiful base that you’ve worked so hard on this wipe. Or maybe battle the Scientist on the Cargo Ship and secure those crates. Maybe you want to take this journey alone and that’s okay, because we believe in you! Taking on a Trio Server as a Solo is a Badge to earn all it’s own.

No matter how you play, how you build, how you kill, we’ll be waiting for you. And encouraging you every step of the way. Good luck and may you Prevail.

For more information on how the server plays why not hop over to our Rust Trio Server Guide alternatively you can join our discord where you will find our community waiting to answer any questions you may have Merric Rust Trio Discord

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Why should I vote? Voting for the servers earn you ingame rewards for each vote you earn 1 airdrop which you can claim on the server you play on, voting for all 3 of our servers on both websites will earn you 6 airdrops. This reward can be claimed on our Rust Trio Server.

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Rust Trio 5x Server

IP Address:

Port: 28025

Password Protected: No

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Dedicated Server: No


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