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Merric tournaments

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Hi All

  As some of you may have seen and know that me, Nutter and Snuggles have been preparing for tournaments and quests, I ask all you players which day would you prefer to have them along with a time.

Best regards



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Posted : 04/12/2019 8:36 pm
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Most of the time i am online is friday evening 20.00 gmt+1 

Same as for mondays and wednesdays 

Other days are subject to change. 


I am curious about the events you guys have come up with and looking forward to join one.

Posted : 11/12/2019 1:34 pm
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Hey Rabbit, 

I guess weekend and then in the evening. I don’t have fixed days that I am 100% certain that I will be gaming. Time is a bit more certain. For me that would ben at 21:00 gmt +1 



Posted : 13/12/2019 9:16 am