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Auto Destroy On PvE Cluster

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After our poll with regards to wiping the servers on a 6 month rotation did not pass we have been investigating other ways in which we can help with server speed and hopefully reduce the amount of server crashes we get.

So here is the proposed solution.

We are considering adding a server side mod that allows us to control the decay timers, the mod allows us to set a specific time before a base will be Auto destroyed. At the moment our admins ( Specifically HairyHog, Gayajade & recently Shadywaffle ) spend almost everyday all day tidying up the maps to allow new players to have somewhere to build and most importantly from my side ensure the servers run as fast as possible. 

I thought the best way for you to decide is to do some pro's and con's on this.


  • All structures will be destroyed after 18 days of not logging on to the map.
  • All Dino's will be destroyed after 18 days of not logging on to the map.
  • For you budding architects you will have 1 timers for all building materials.
  • The option for us to add a Holiday decay timer and add you to a group if you are away for longer that 18 days
  • Auto destroy baby dinos that have not been claimed.
  • Will give our admins more time to help with other things.


  • You will no longer be able to claim anyone's dinos
  • You will no longer be able to raid anyone's base.
  • Small thatch bases for new players that come and go really quickly will last the 18 days  rather than the normal 4 days. 
  • Small Wooden/Adobe bases for new players that come and go really quickly will last the 18 days  rather than the normal 8 days. 
  • Tek bases will be reduced to 18 days rather than the standard 35 days.

Below is a write up on the specific plugin we have been looking at.

Hey - you server administrator out there,

Are you fed up with players placing structures all over the map but not decaying ..?
Or even players who claim good spots (especially on PvP servers), but then just leaving for some reason?

Then you came to the right plugin!

This plugin allows you to set a specific time to remove structures from players who were not online in this time.

Lets say you configure 48h in the config file - this would mean that every player can be offline for 47 hours without loosing any structure. If the player exceed this time all structures on the map of the player / tribe will get removed.

This plugin will give you:

  • better Performance
  • more Players
  • a balanced contrast for Protection Plugins / Mods

Please Note that the plugin only has been tested with MariaDB - Other DBMS can cause a malfunction of the whole plugin or even to a loss of all dinos / structures on the entire map!


Sample Config
   "Backend": {
    "useMySQL": true, // Enable MySQL
    "ServerPrefix": "Unique", // Set a unique server prefix for each different server you got
    "SynchronizeOnCluster": false, // false = only update time on server where the player joins | true = update any connected server (cluster)
    "MySQL": {
      "Host": "",
      "Port": 3306,
      "User": "user",
      "Password": "secret",
      "Database": "database"
  "Decay": {

   "Commands": {
      "CheckCommandEnabled": true,
      "CommandLabel": "decaytime"
    "AnnounceCheck": true,
    "AddAlreadyExisting": true, // Add already(before plugin have been installed) existing actors to Database
    "VIPGroup": "vip", // VIP Group for VIPTime
    "CheckSteps": 10, // Amount of actors getting processed per second (lower checksteps will give a performance improve)
    "UseInterval": true, // true = use CheckInterval
    "CheckInterval": {
      "GivenIn": "HOURS",
      "Value": 6
    "ScheduledCheckTime": 22, // one check @22:00 each day
    "Structures": {
      "Enabled": true, // Enables decaying of structures
      "DecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 48
      "VIPDecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 60
    "Dinos": {
      "Enabled": true, // Enables decaying of dinos
     "UnclaimDino": false,
      "DecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 48
      "VIPDecayTime": {
        "GivenIn": "HOURS",
        "Value": 60
  "AutoBreed": { // Enables the automatic decaying / killing of unclaimed dinos so people don't throw 1000 eggs at once
    "Enabled": true, // Enables / Disables the feature
    "CheckInterval": {
      "GivenIn": "SECONDS",