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Decay timers on structures!

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BearGryllsTV (Gav) and I have been discussing (with our admins) how we can best approach the problem of bases that are built of different materials (i.e wood, stone, metal etc) where the decay timer has expired!

The problem we have is that, as an example, if a structure has stone foundations, wooden walls and metal machines/vaults etc, they all have different decay timer lengths. So;

4 days for thatch/small utility structures.

8 days for wood/adobe

12 days for stone

16 days for metal & crafted metal machines

The problem arises when the timers for the wood parts of the structures have run out and so can be deleted to gain access to the building. But things like stone, metal items etc still have a long timer left.

Because our rules state that for players to claim an area/build a home it has to be a complete structure, i.e. foundation, walls, door and roof with a bed inside (this can be as small a 1 foundation or as large as they want to build). So it could be said that a structure that is vulnerable to looting because parts of it are destroy-able and more often than not the bed/s are also able to be destroyed, this then makes the structure in violation of our rules!

So if a person can gain access to a structure because of decay timers running out and the fact that the beds are destroy-able, does this make the building eligible for an admin to issue the command 'Destroy Tribe Structures' which will destroy all of the tribe's buildings and everything contained within?

This is something we have to consider as it is becoming increasingly hard to 'police' all the servers and clean-up old bases.


Posted : 15/09/2019 6:34 am
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I think we should just wipe the lot start again, but noone likes that ideas so this is the next best solution lol.

Posted : 18/09/2019 3:39 pm