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[PvP] Add NPC's to the Cluster  

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Hey guys, 

Found this mod today, my idea is while the cluster is a little quiet I was thinking we can add this mod to the cluster, or atleast give it a try. It allows NPC's to spawn on the cluster, they will build their own bases, tame their own dinos & attack you if you raid them or even go near them.


NPCTameIntervalMax=4 Maximum amount of time a tribe member can spawn in a new tame. (in seconds)
NPCTameIntervalMin=4 Minimum amount of time a tribe member can spawn in a new tame. (in seconds)
NPCHealthMultiplier=3 Default multiplier for NPCs health base is 1k. Use this to adjust it.
EnableTribeDistanceUI=False Adds distance to each tribe in the UI
TribeEvolutionInterval=225 Interval in GAME TIME IN SECONDS that the tribe will attempt to evolve with 15% chance each attempt +3% if it fails (Lower this to make NPCs evolve faster)
NPCMaxOnMap=300 Experimental feature to cap the amount of NPCs on the map at any one time , This is mainly for Valguero's broken spawning system.
NPCChat=True Disables or Enables the Chat entirely (Still shows chat for gift and player interactions through multiwheel) Default: True
UseProximityChat=False Disables or Enables proximity chat. When enabled chat will only show up for players that are within a certain range see ChatProximity.
ChatProximity=8000 Distance in metres that chat will show up for a player when using proximity chat
NPCAlwaysAggressive=True Makes the NPC's always aggressive Default : False
EnableLeaderboards=True Disables or Enables the Leaderboards and API integration
DisableDismemberment=False Disable or Enables the Dismemberment effect when killing NPCs
NPCMaxTier=Demonic Set the max tier you want the NPCs to evolve to. Available options are (Primitive,Alpha,Apex,Elemental,Fabled,Celestial,Primal,Origin,Chaos,Demonic) From Weakest to Strongest
RandomTribeTiers=True Disable or enable randomized tribe tiers. NPCs will form a random tribe tier below the NPCMaxTier setting instead of starting at primitive. They still evolve as normal.
RandomizeBodyTypes=True Disable or enable randomized body types the NPCs spawn in with.
NPCMaxPirates=20 Sets the quantity of NPC rafts on the map
NPCRaiding=True Allows NPCs to raid player bases with low reputation. (Currently in Beta so defaulted to off)
Topic starter Posted : 16/03/2020 8:17 pm
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It's interesting, but some of these numbers are way too low.

NPCs will spawn in a new tames every 4 seconds and will only take a few hours to go from lowest tier to max tier. 300 NPCs per map constantly spawning dinos and running around in god tier gear will quickly annihilate anyone on the server. I don't think even the alpha tribe would stand a chance.


I can't vote yes unless the numbers are sane.

Posted : 16/03/2020 8:37 pm
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@reiver the vote is for the mod, the next thing after that will then be voting on / discussing configs


Topic starter Posted : 16/03/2020 9:23 pm