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Should we have 6 Monthly Wipes? Please vote its important for you all...

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We are currently discussing 6 monthly wipes on the PVE Servers the way this will work is as follows;

  • January - The island
  • February - The Center
  • March - Aberration / Scorched Earth
  • April - Extinction
  • May - Ragnarok
  • June - Valguero
  • July - The island
  • August - The Center
  • September - Aberration / Scorched Earth
  • October - Extinction
  • November - Ragnarok
  • December - Valguero


The idea behind this is;

  • To clear down the servers of all old bases
  • Clear out unnecessary dino's
  • Ensure the servers run as fast as possible
  • To increase spawn rates of higher level dinos (ARK's Logic works as follows the more dinos on the server the less likely a high level dinos will spawn)
  • To keep the game interesting for you all, thus allowing you to build in new locations that may not have been available before.


We would change the MOTD the month before each Server is wiped meaning you would have plenty of time to move your character, materials & anything else you wanted to keep to another server.

Please be aware this is a suggestions at the moment and we would very much like everyone's feedback in comments.


Posted : 16/08/2019 2:49 pm
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I can see reasons for and against on the Subject. On PVE a lot of casual players who can't invest much time to build up can take weeks if not months to get established. The negative aspect of PVE is that players continue to grow and expand their in game assets almost indefinitely without penalty, if they continue to be active over a few months they can build huge complexes and accumulate 100's of dino placing considerable  strain on the servers. Then when you factor in all the players that may have played on any of our maps and no longer do and all the remnants of their bases and dino scattered over maps clearing this is a full time job on it's own not to mention structure pieces that are clipped into terrain and not obvious to see remaining regardless it all adds up. Not to mention the longer a server runs a map the greater the chance that corruption and issues can arise caused possibly by the above.

This is not an issue with PVP because players generally build small and defensively to minimise loss from raids and not for cosmetic purposes, bases get destroyed and dino killed and you rebuild and retame this recycles server asset and refreshes whats present on a map from one day to the next.

Because PVE in Ark does little to address the problem of over expansion and taming and hoarding assets and  because many players are not mindful that every pixel they own eats up resources on the servers hardware and considerate in removing the assets they no longer need or want I vote yes to 6 monthly wipes.

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Posted : 16/08/2019 7:25 pm
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Bit late to the party but heres my thoughts.


The problem with monthly wipes as i see it, is you may spend all your time moving dinos and good items from 1 server to another to avoid being deleted.


I know the idea is to clear up old bases but would like to see the island remained un-wiped as everyone has a base here.  This way, anything important can stay here, then other islands that are less used and may be more prone to decayed bases get wiped.

Posted : 10/09/2019 6:46 pm
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Thank you all for your replies/input.  This has now been up for almost one month and the vote is a decisive NO!  So wipes will not be taking place on our PVE cluster/s.

We have however been thinking about setting 'auto destroy' on structures whos timers have expired (run out).  The decision will be announced very soon!

Posted : 15/09/2019 7:01 am