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Hi Guys,

Once people are  bored of this mod pack I was wondering what you would like next ? I thought I would add a list below of possible candidates. 

FTB Revelation

Revelation is a general all-purpose modpack with optimal FPS, server performance and stability.  This is the largest pack ever built to date, by the Feed The Beast Team.  Ongoing development, support and updates insure you will have the best experience as a player whether your a seasoned player or new to modded Minecraft.

Revelation is not a themed pack nor a focused pack, it’s a pack designed to cater to a large amount of players, whether you like tech mods, magic mods, exploration, building or all of those then this pack is for you.  With a Forge Mod Loader count of well over 200, this pack has most everything a player is looking for with performance and stability being the main focus of design and mod choice.  Minimal changes have been made to the mods so you experience each mod the way the developers intended.  Also this proves very helpful when learning a new mod using a Wiki.

Large well-known mods such as EnderIO, Applied Energistics, Thaumcraft, Botania, Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering and Project Red are present in Revelation, as well as some lesser known mods like Rustic, Gadgetry,  Thut’s Elevators and xnet.  Twilight Forest also makes a comeback in Revelation v2.0.0+ for all the exploration players.

Whether you want to build in a cave and reach the end of progression in a week, or build complex bases loaded with tech and magic infrastructure all while armoring up to take on the bosses in Twilight Forest, then Revelation is the perfect modpack for you.



FTB Presents Stoneblock 2

The Stoneblock you like, now just even better then before! New mods, new dimensions, and new bosses! Like the first Stoneblock you start in world of stone, now with new modified Mining and End dimension! Kitchen-sink-like modpack with quests to help guide you in the start and to give you some goals to reach.



FTB Presents SkyFactory 3

It's skyblock like you've never seen it before! High tech mods and  full automation! Sky Factory starts the player in the void with nothing but a tree and a *single* piece of dirt between you and certain death! Version 3 adds a variety of new mods to the pack and gives the player much more choice than ever before.  Pick up your achievement book today and start your journey!



FTB Academy

 The biggest problem people have when they first start playing modded Minecraft is that there's no clear choice for which modpack to play. Learning the mods requires scouring online wikis and guides, and watching videos.

FTB Academy aims to fix that problem. It is designed especially for people that have never played with mods. The modpack has over 300 quests to walk you through each step of the progression of the most common mods, and nearly 100 pages of Guides to give a more in-depth explanation for what needs it, so you don't have to go searching through wikis.

Players will spawn in a school structure, where they will follow quests and in-world images to learn modded concepts like automation, technology, and magic. Once this tutorial area has been completed, you will be teleported to the Overworld to begin playing properly.

FTB Academy has no changed recipes and no altered progression, aside from the school, in order to accurately represent the average modpack.



FTB Infinity Evolved

Now Includes Quests! Infinity Evolved adds game modes!  Two modes are currently included; 'normal' and 'expert'.  New and existing worlds are automatically in 'normal' mode, to switch to the all-new game mode type the following command (without quotes):  "/ftb_mode set expert"  At any time you can return to 'normal' to typing the command: "/ftb_mode set normal"  These same commands can be executed by server ops either in game or from console.  Players joining a server will be switched to the server's game mode upon login automatically.  World resets are not required with the update to 2.0.0 but highly suggested if you are planning to play 'expert' mode due to the massive amount of progression changes.


The pack for all people. Infinity is the general all-purpose pack from the FTB team that is designed for solo play as well as small and medium population servers.

Posted : 02/10/2019 4:35 pm
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SkyFactory 3 is very enjoyable.  It offers some really nice challenges.

Posted : 04/10/2019 6:17 am