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Admin Areas.

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Ok Folks, McNutter here, with a quick public service announcement. There are areas on the map (three small places currently) that we have designated as admin areas. The reason we have these places is to store items that we will use to build quest areas and event arenas. This is for the good and morale of the server. 

To that end, anyone found in an admin area without a reason will have action taken against them. Anyone raiding the admin base will be the cause of a server wipe and a personal vendetta by me. We are trying to make the server a fun place to be, but if we have to wipe it because someone has raided our admin base, and obtained some items they shouldn't have, then stand by.


Posted : 29/11/2019 10:14 pm
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Personally I think a server wipe would be extreme!  I would rather hunt the person/s down and string them up by their bollocks tbh!  I wonder if there is a way to protect that are.  Need to look into that I think. 😉

Posted : 02/12/2019 3:05 pm