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Request: Server Suggestions

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I'd like to put forward a few suggestions that could benefit the server.

Spawn Area
A spawn area, as it suggests, is a community area where players can trade, be safe from zombies, teleport to different places on the map. This would accessible via first joining the server, or by using a command that would be  on a small cooldown.

Home Command
This could be a subscriber perk, or better yet, subscribers could have more than one sethome. Standalone players could have access to one set home. Setting a home would only be available in unclaimed territory or your own base.
Server Reboots
Server reboots every 3 hours. This would refresh RAM and lower cpu usage, not to mention get rid of anything causing any potential lag issues on the server. Typically a broadcast warning thirty minutes before in intervals of 10, then selectively every 1 minute below 5.

Maybe some wacky experiment somewhere in the wasteland has gone majorly wrong? Some radio signal broadcasts its coordinates. There's a chance of military-grade loot, but there's also a risk of getting overrun. Will you take the chance and venture down into the depths of some malformed laboratory? You better bring a friend. 
Ofc, this could be anything. PvP, PvE, mini-games etc. These could be admin run.

Not necessarily large overhaul mods (which would be a big change) but mods that can change things inside the game. Custom zombies that spawn on certain nights, increased spawns. Boss zombies (edited normal zombies?) the list goes on and on. This would mostly be for PvE aspects.

Give the players some incentive to vote for the server by giving them in-game rewards. Coins, resources, stuff they can utilise at their own discretion.
These of course cover a wide range of possibilities. 

Do you guys have any other suggestions that you'd like to see in-game? 🙂

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