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Allow Breeding of Wyverns / Griffons / Rock drakes Poll is created on Jan 01, 2020


[Closed] Allow breeding of wyverns/Rock Drakes/ Griffons  

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Dbag and some others would like the option to breed wyverns etc. So have your say!

Topic starter Posted : 01/01/2020 7:00 pm
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I feel that in time yes. However, some people haven't even established themselves yet. Maybe a grace period for players to set their plots and build their bases would be good first?


Posted : 01/01/2020 7:07 pm
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Why would it need a grace period though, its not like being able to breed these types would have any negative impact on anyone?


Posted : 01/01/2020 7:13 pm
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Do it now!

Posted : 01/01/2020 7:15 pm
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It would be just fair to be enabled since the mutator is no longer in the game for us. 

Posted : 01/01/2020 7:28 pm
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Only simps would say no!

Posted : 01/01/2020 7:29 pm
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I want my Griffins back 🙁

Posted : 01/01/2020 7:50 pm
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Im sure the aim was to reboot the servers and change what used to be the meta. Seems like slowly we could creep back to the old setup again if people keep suggesting we put stuff back in. 

Why do people want breedable Wyvern is it for colour mutations or making an OP flyer which could very well get to the stage again where they get given away to new players and friends?. Or Rock Drakes pretty much all Abberation is easy if you can breed some decent Drakes and get your imprint bonus removing the challenge plus again giving away selling cheap when you have a surplus.

It boils down to justifying why? players want the ability to Breed what the developers themselves have decided they shouldn't.


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Posted : 01/01/2020 8:04 pm
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Well Rock Drakes are extremely easy to get in Crystal Isles, and without the Mutator it is very unlikely to get OP Flyers and it doesnt matter regarding it to Wyverns the problems were cause by the OP Rexes which again are breedable so can be given out. So not sure how you can relate that to keeping them unbreedable

Posted : 01/01/2020 8:32 pm
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"Why do people want breedable Wyvern is it for colour mutations or making an OP flyer which could very well get to the stage again where they get given away to new players and friends?"

Surely this can apply to every single dino in the game currently, whats to stop someone doing the exact same thing with rex's. If we go on that mentality the should we just remove breeding of everything?


Posted : 01/01/2020 8:34 pm
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I vote to allow, love getting colour mutations of griffins <3

Posted : 03/01/2020 12:23 am
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wouldn't mind griffins but not wyverns and drakes if we allowed those 2 the eggs in the nests wouldn't get refreshed and all that would be left for people starting out would be eggs with zero timers on then we would be going down the route of giving op bred dinos to new comers again which I thought was the point of the original wipe

Posted : 04/01/2020 6:08 pm
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I agree with the whole egg idea. But then again you can breed any Dino, does not stop people taming more. The point you made about giving out OP dinos can be said about literally every single dino in the game, which is why the rule is made so regardless of which dino it is, it shouldnt be given out.

Posted : 06/01/2020 9:07 am