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Suggestions new wipe ARK PVP

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Hey everyone i would like to bring back some features which were disabled or removed from ark pvp:

Enable mek damage to structures again, as u know removing spam takes a long time if u have to use arthoplura or c4 so i want the mek to do damage again to structures to ease the spam removing and leftovers of old caves for new players.

Re-enable usage of enforcers, they are 'glass cannons' good for early game and i would not see why this is too overpowered to bring back they are strong but very easly destroyed so id say they are well balanced.

Make the ORP a bit less overpowered structure damage wise: if you c4 during ORP it does for example 708 damage to a vault which would take you 71 C4 to destroy one. I know you can use artho or perhaps MEK soon if it passes, but consider rocket running a well known pvp method is removed because ORP makes rockets do less damage to structures then your average wild dodo will do.

Enable map Scorched earth, so many reasons really scorched is a fun map to do tames and make bases. I don't know why this is not added but i surely hope they add this amazing map.

Posted : 11/02/2021 7:09 pm