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[Sticky] Ark PvE & Genisis / Upcoming Change  

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First off all... respect for the courage to take this move to wipe the servers. Imo healthy servers and population are the most important thing to have and maintain. Most of the mods are new to me anywayz. Would like it if Castles and Keeps were to be added. Secondly would like to give a compliment about the playersbase on the servers. The ones i ve met are good and honest people.

Last and in my eyes the most important one is to implement the wipe ASAP cause if you guyz wait to long.. you could loose a lot people and its only fair to give players a good chance to build up again before Genesis hits the servers. Thanks for reading.




Posted : 28/12/2019 1:01 pm
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@twisted thank you for your comments we have already discussed this and the wipe will be happening tomorrow. 

Posted : 28/12/2019 7:49 pm
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