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Community Meeting 07/02/2020

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Ark PvE / Ark PvP

  • Beacons / Boss loot - Over the next few months we will be working on a complete custom loot table for ark, this will include adding in AA, S+, Castle & Keeps and Reusable Plus.
  • Both PvE & PvP Genesis Servers have been installed and are ready to launch on the day of release. We will not be taking down a map to replace these with as players in the community have though.
  • Sometime over the next year we will be releasing both a PvE & PvP beginners servers, these servers will have max lvl 50 characters with max level dinos of 70, each of these server will be wiped monthly.
  • Events - with the exception of the subscriber events we will not be hosting our events on the main cluster.
  • We have now changed the donation system on the website, this is now automated and players will receive their in-game rewards as soon as they have purchased.


  • We are asking players to stop giving items away so freely, even thou we really like how helpful you all are these actions can help destroy the cluster leading to us having to wipe again.
  • Some players are either ignoring the rules or not reading them, this cause great strain on our admin team so we would appreciate all players ensuring they have read them.

Player Suggestions

  • PvP - Increase dino weight stat's as it is currently not inline with the 50x harvest.  Completed.
  • Check blueprint paths for Griffins on the crystal isle's as their seems to be a bug not allowing them to breed. 
  • Increase inprint stats on the PvE Cluster, we have informed the player we would put this up for a vote.

7 Days to Die

  • We are currently working on a new in game shop
  • We are currently working on a subscriber perk system
  • Rabbit & Pete have posted on the forums a suggested mod list, we would really like your feed back on this asap.
  • We have been working on event ideas for 7d2d and our admins have been discussing the best day to hold these with the community, its likely 7d2d events will be held at the weekend.
  • wipe schedule for 7d2d is likely to be 1 month.


  • The biggest change we are making to rust is we are introducing seasons into our servers, we the database we have setup we will be given our rewards for things like; Most time played
  • The winners of each season will receive rewards for their efforts.
  • Like we do with the rest of our community, we will be starting events and in order for these not to ruin the server you are playing on. These will be held on a dedicated events server.
  • Over the course of this year we will be rebuilding the solo server, we noticed that some of the mods can be amalgamated into 1 mod and thus keeping the server running as fast as possible.
  • Some of you may have noticed that we have released the fully loaded ingame shop into Rust, the players have been really happy with this. We would like to make you all aware that this shop is not balanced correctly and over time you will see prices change as we collect all the data we need.



  • We will be spending some more time in discord arranging different giveaways money permitting we would like to start giving away games / hardware to players that subscribe to help pay for the servers and giveaways like these.
  • For none subscribers we will be giving away subscriptions.
Posted : 09/02/2020 12:47 am