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[Sticky] Our Channel Guide to Discord

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Hi Everyone,

I have heard that there has been a few complaints with regards to the amount of channels we have in discord and people are finding it confusing on how to find what they are looking for, I thought I would write up a guide and my thoughts behind the current setup I went with on discord while also show your a few little tips that I personally do myself.

When joining discord you are asked to choose the permissions you wish to set yourself (Which Games you play) this then gives you access to the channels you have chosen, I have then tried to supply all the information required for your game choice under each category.

I am going to break down each channel for you so you know what they are for.

  • #General-Chat - This channel is the game Specific chat channel, most members use this to ask other members questions or just talk about the game in general.
  • #cross-server-chat - This is the direct link between the game server of your choice and discord, you can read what people are saying and even talk back to them.
  • #Server-News - This channels is where the admins will post updates on server updates, Server outages or Planned maintenance. 
  • #Server-rules - This channels is for us to provide you with the game specific server rules.
  • #Server-Status - This channel informs you when the server is being restarted / updated or shutdown.
  • #server-ips - This channel informs you with the server ips for you to play on, along with how to vote for the server. We highly recommend you do this as it really helps the community to grow.
  • #shop - This channel inform you of the information required for the ingame shop
  • #events - This channels informs you of any upcoming events we have planned.

I have tried to follow the same structure for every game, this means you should always know which channel to go to to find the specific information you require.

The next thing I do is I have all of the channels minimised, this means I do not have such a long list of channels, when someone types in a channel thou, the channel is highlighted even thou its minimised.

Please see my example screenshots, I really hope this clears things up and helps.

Posted : 17/10/2019 1:23 pm
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