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My name is Ben I live in Essex in the south east of England and no its nothing like TOWIE. Its worse. I'm 32 and have been gaming since doom was on a floppy disc. I progressed through FPS,RPG and MMORPG I love the final fantasy series (10 being my favourite) im also an avid reader and I love Terry Pratchett and would recommend anyone that enjoys reading to give him a go.


I am an Electrician by trade but i have diversified into gate and home automation and systems intagration (fancy way of saying make the switch turn stuff on) I have logged over1k hours into ARK so any questions im happy to help but dont under estimate how helpful the wiki and dododex pages are.


I restore cars in my spare time (so hardly ever) I used to run guilds in WoW from vanilla upto Wrath (killed KJ in TBC pre nerf /flex) and generally am just a big geek.


what else...


I have a huge dog whos an idiot....


anyway... see ya in game

Posted : 23/06/2019 1:12 pm