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Hi All

  What can I say about Merric gaming as a whole, well let me start with this, my daughter and I was looking for a new server to play Ark on, I normally go in first and sound the servers out to make sure (for a better word) user friendly.

After some deliberation I picked Merric gaming as the Web/Forum looked very professional along with the very well organised discord, also we had never played on a cluster server before so it seemed a good idea and more fun all in 1 bag.

On entering the server on the Centre map I was made to feel very welcome from the off, lets face it you go on some servers and don't here a peep even when entering you say "Hi" but no, admins and founders and the Merric community was all there with a very big warm welcome (all that was missing was Tea and Cake)

So after feeling welcome I decided to join Merric's Discord, on entering the discord I was a little confused as to get the rooms to show, but again Discord Admin Jayde held my hand and showed me around and that was it we was off, or so I thought, whilst chatting in Discord I was met with a Hairy Hog (Founder) and asked if I would like to come chat about the servers and the rules to which I said yes and off we went.

I was so impressed with this as its now known as Bob's speech who likes to be on a 121 with first names, I explained my situation as my daughter is a minor and I like to sound servers out first on and was instantly placed at ease along with confidence about  Merric's Female/Minor policy's.

Another thing I liked with Merric is that we are Merric not just the founders, if theirs any map changes,wipes mods added etc it is all put out there to said Merric community for a vote chat etc, well impressed is an understatement.

A few minutes later I got my daughter onto the server along with Discord and can quiet happily say that unless this community goes pop we arnt going any were.

All server on Merric Gaming are kept up to date and very if any down time, friendly Admins and Founders and a magical great community of now as I can say online Friends.

All the Best To Merric






Posted : 02/12/2019 7:12 pm
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