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Thanks for being awesome

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I like to build and have a play. I could do it solo, but I like sharing building ideas with others even if it's just a cheeky nosey around another person's base.

I keep to myself, but I read the chat, see everyone helping each other out and events going on. If I ever decide to do more I get the feeling you can. So far the community are a lovely bunch. The constant communication is lovely to see from server admin. 

It's well worth joining the discord to get an even better feel for the community and I'm glad I joined. Dont know how long I'll be around, but given current lockdown, Merric servers have been a pleasant distraction from a crazy world.


If you ever happen to be in the neighbourhood on the modded PvE Ragnarok server, feel free to sign the guest book at The Monkey Pad 

Cheers for being awesome

Posted : 12/06/2020 11:01 am