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ARK PvE Issues and your suggestions on how to fix them?

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As some of you are aware, we recently held a vote on a plugin that would allow decay timers to be changed to 18 days, with this it also enabled a timer that auto destroyed babies that were not claimed. Some of you were very unhappy with this change, thus we removed it until we did a Brexit and had a 2nd vote!

Our issues are currently the following after checking through the logs. Some of the PvE crashes are where people are hatching 50 - 60 eggs at the same time this is not healthy for the server or you as a player. As you are aware, crashes can roll the server back upto 29 minutes.

Our other issue is that we are extremely short of in-game admins at the moment and no matter how hard we try we just cannot find anyone willing to help, this is putting a massive strain on the team trying to clear up old bases. Hence the original vote for the plugin (above)

We have already given 2 solutions to these issues in the past so please discuss them and give us your thoughts.

1) We wipe each map annually on a rotation allowing active players to move to another map allowing them to keep their characters & levels. (The Orginial poll and post can be read here; )
2) We switch on ARK's own system that will auto destroy dinos & strutures when the standard timers run out.
3) We re-look at the api again but with a 15 - 60 minute claim timer. (The Orginial poll and post can be read here; )

If any of you have other solutions then please do let us know.

Topic starter Posted : 04/11/2019 11:40 am
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It should be simple with the hatching - DON'T hatch that many eggs at one time, do them in smaller batches it actually works out faster in the long run!

So all you little 'breeders' out there - slow down! 😉

Posted : 05/11/2019 4:03 pm
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I have no idea why anyone would want to throw down 50+ eggs at once that just crazy ._.

The timers i think 30 mins to 60 mins would be ok 


Posted : 05/11/2019 4:45 pm
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I personally don't the auto destroying of babies anything past 20 minutes seems fine. 60 seconds was a bit too short.

Posted : 05/11/2019 4:49 pm