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I have introduced myself so many times over the years that it has become worrying that EVERYONE knows who i am ? 

Well not the people here so far - maybe.

I am John (59 in May 2020) and i live in Guildford Surrey, I am married to Meike and have a son Toby. We have 2 dogs ( do you want to see a photo ? ) and we currently have no mortgage as we rent our home.

I have a PC that is too old but still get 30+fps in ARK most times, in dayz its about the same and Elite Dangerous is 60+ (go figure).

I have been admining servers since Battlefield 2 ( - last admin job was going to be for the MaG community and their Dayz servers but I didnt get to fulfil my 3 month trial as I had some issues with real life  ( i had a heart attack  and then my father died and then it was xmas time too ) so i wasnt online enough to validate my trial period.

I ran a ARK server for another community but leadership issues meant i was not what they wanted.

I have been admin for other communities and an Officer in Boogie Knights of Hellfire World of Warcraft from 2007-2015 then the leader upped and left and the whole guild collapsed.

So being an admin means you always get bored being a grunt/normal person and so i keep looking for people to help although i am not a sociable person at all hahahaha.


I hate cyclists on footpaths - i loose my temper when that happens - bad for my heart.

I hate animals being abused.

I get upset when people dont get treated fairly -  equal opportunities and fairness.

My wife has MS so sometimes  i just have to go AFK.

The dogs get 30mins to 2hrs walks if am feeling well enough.

Here is a photo of my dogs ( Lucy the English Springer Spaniel and Tia the Rescue um Boxer Staffie Crossbreed ( yes she looks like a pitbull ):

 (yes i may apply to be an admin for ARK PVE sometime when i get to be here for awhile)

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