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Hi Steve here AKA (Axle) and I'm 36 


I have dabbled in so many games over the years Aion, WOW, GW2 and was a WvW commander for the guild Afterlife. Moved into shooters more noticeably Battlefield and I am currently one of the founders of the Volatile Veterans clan and have taken part in a few ESL leagues with them, other games in the same genre iv invested in is Squad. Iv been an active player of Ark since it launched on steam and keep finding myself becoming an Admin for some reason i guess partly because of my expereince as a clan/guild officer and my natural desire to help people ingame. Anyway took a break from Ark when Atlas launched played it for a few months then came back to Ark and joined this community and been here ever since. You will find me always building stuff in-game.

Real life me

As iv mentioned the names Steve and I'm 36 currently living in Scotland however I was born and bred in N.Ireland. I joined the Army at age 16 and left after 6 years after my first child was born, I have two kids eldest is 12 and youngest is 9. I'm a mechanic by trade after leaving the forces and going to college however my current job for the last 5 years  is as an engineer I fabricate and install adaptions to vehicles for the disabled. Hobbies are fishing and hill walking with my 4 year old wrinkly Chinese Shar Pei Jessie.


Nothing much else to say I'm not that exciting of a person lol

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